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Mar 242011

Councillor of Chandler Ward Adrian Schrinner has been endorsed by the LNP as Brisbane’s Deputy Mayor. As expected, Graham Quirk was named Lord Mayor.

The promotions all hinge on current Lord Mayor Campbell Newman’s success in gaining pre-selection for the state seat of Ashgrove next Monday night.
Read “New Lord Mayor and deputy named” in Quest News (25th March)

Below are two articles from yesterday mentioning Cr Schrinner and the deputy mayor candidacy.

“Top job beckons for Quirk in the City News (24th March)

Likely candidates for the role of deputy mayor include Cr Amanda Cooper (Bracken Ridge), Cr Adrian Schrinner (Chandler) and Cr Margaret De Wit (Pullenvale).

“Graham Quirk to be Lord Mayor” in the Brisbane Times (24th March)

Who will serve as deputy mayor in the Quirk administration is still unclear.

Cr de Wit confirmed she would nominate and said she would face competition from two other Civic Cabinet members – Bracken Ridge councillor Amanda Cooper and Carindale councillor Adrian Schrinner.


Adrian Schrinner, the council’s finance chairman, is a relaxed media performer who is on the rise.

Cr Schrinner has handled difficult grillings over council budgets, including the controversial decision to vary the charges levied on inner-city units and more recently, flood damage.

He often speaks last on issues in the council chambers, adding important financial evidence, before the matter goes back to the Lord Mayor for a summary before a vote.

From the Twittersphere …

A tweet from Belinda Sweeney (@JournoBel) on the 22nd of March:

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