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Mar 102011

Councillor for Chandler Ward Adrian Schrinner is seeking community feedback on the now released draft Gumdale Area Traffic Study report.

The study area is between Old Cleveland Road in the south, Belmont Road and Dairy Swamp Road in the west, and New Cleveland Road in the north and the east.

Cr Schrinner said that one of the key recommendations is that Old Cleveland Road needs to be widened from 4 to 6 lanes from the Gateway Motorway out to Moreton Bay Road. Read Adrian Schrinner’s full update (8 March 2011)

The Gumdale Area Traffic Study Executive Summary states:

Prior to the study commencing, a group of local Gumdale residents prepared the Draft Gumdale Area Traffic Proposal and sought the views of local residents in drafting the proposal. The residents of Gumdale believed the safety of the local community and motorists was being compromised due to speeding as well as the volumes of traffic, particularly heavy vehicles, using the local streets to avoid the major arterials of Old Cleveland Road, New Cleveland Road and Manly Road. They claimed these were having an adverse effect on the amenity of the neighbourhood.

Read the executive summary here. There will be a public display at the Carindale Library from 16 March – 16 April 2011.

Some background info

Two community information days to provide displays and gather feedback were held in June and July 2010.

Traffic plan push for Gumdale – December 2009, Wynnum Herald.
“A DECADE of large-scale residential development in Wakerley has left Gumdale residents with a legacy of increased traffic on their once quiet country roads. Brisbane City Councillor Adrian Schrinner (Chandler) last month announced the establishment of a traffic plan for the suburb.”

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