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Mar 162011

Note from the editor: The YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament is a Queensland Studies Authority accredited education program for young Queenslanders. The members of the 2011 YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament will officially be sworn in on Saturday 16th April during the weekend-long Forum in Brisbane. Participants engage with community issues as Youth Representatives of Parliament. Carina Heights resident Natasha Wilson has achieved the appointment of youth representative for Chatsworth for 2011 and we invited her to introduce herself to the local community via a guest post here.

Guest post by Natasha Wilson

Throughout the years my interests have developed and matured, like any person, and currently politics is something that interests me and encourages me to take interest in this opportunity. I have enjoyed learning about many aspects of politics, public speaking, and working with others to understand their views and opinion. My Name is Natasha Wilson and I am just fourteen years old. Some of my interests include; dancing, academic work and remaining social.

My high school presented me with the opportunity of applying for YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament. I was lucky to be accepted and appointed the youth representative of the electorate Chatsworth, focusing on Sports, Recreation and Tourism. Many issues personally stand out through this wide ranging topic, mainly sport, as I am an active dance member of Danzart Studio and have previously played club soccer. I am passionate about keeping active and being involved in sport not matter what form it takes.

Being one of the youngest members of YMCA Youth Parliament, I obviously have a lot to learn. I am eager to achieve a lot from this program both personally and for the community. I would like the community input as such if you have any issues or ideas please feel free to email me, Natasha Wilson, at, and I will definitely try to get back to you.

Through this fantastic opportunity YMCA Youth Parliament has given students around Queensland and Brisbane, I feel I will definitely rise to the program and use my skills to take direction and ultimately create a better environment for youth members to live in.

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  One Response to “Natasha Wilson – YMCA QLD Youth Parliament Representative for Chatsworth”

  1. I am really looking forward to seeing Natasha give her maiden speech in Parliament. I encourage everyone to visit Parliament whilst Youth Parliament is sitting. I volunteer to be Speaker during Youth Parliament and each year I am impressed by the intelligence and passion of all of the participants. I am looking forward to meeting Natasha at my office tomorrow and talking about the Youth Parliament experience.

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