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Mar 282011

Every year our street has a get-together.  We had one on Australia Day this year and we also decided to have one yesterday because it was Neighbour Day.  So we had a low-key casual gathering in our cul-de-sac –  just a BYO drinks and BBQ on the nature strip under the street lamp post.

There is something that I find really good about getting to know others living in the street where I happily live. I like the idea of creating friendlier, happy neighbourhoods and encouraging activities that bring people together in such a postive way, rediscovering the joys of old-fashioned neighbourliness.

The “Mackenzie Court Crew” are a friendly bunch of people and we love living in our street.  Most of us didn’t know about Neighbour Day but we hope to keep up the tradition every year. We definitely made sure we toasted to the fact that we share our street with great neighbours.

Research tells us that people who feel socially included, know their neighbours and take part in community activities are happier, healthier and have a positive outlook on their community.

We also had Cr Adrian Schrinner, Nina Schrinner, Ross Vasta MP and Steve Minnikin drop in to visit everyone there.

In some neighbourly news … Liz has a broken arm due to a fall about a month ago, but she is on the mend and found out that some of her artwork is being exhibited in the Rotary Art Show at the Riverside Centre next month.

The added benefits to our casual get-together yesterday was not only catching up with with the latest news, but also enjoying the huge plate of fresh sushi that our lovely neighbour Ivy made, matched only by Kay’s absolutely fabulous mango cheesecake that was to die for.

Thanks to Kerry for taking the photos!

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