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Apr 082011

State Member for Chatsworth, Steve Kilburn told us he’s received many queries from residents seeking help to understand the recent changes in pool safety laws. So his office put together some of the main points for us to share with our readers.

Pool owners are required to register their pool on the new Pool Safety Register before the 4th of May 2011. Penalties of up to $2000 will apply after this time.

  • Pool safety certificates are now required when selling, buying or leasing a property with a pool.
  • Both new and existing pools must be upgraded to comply with the standards by 30 November 2015, or earlier if sold or leased first.
  • Owners are also required to display the latest CPR sign near their pool.

Steve said that CPR signs are available free of charge from his office.

If you know of anyone with a pool but without internet access you can tell them to contact his office for assistance in registering their pool. To check if your pool is registered or to register your pool go to The Pool Safety Register also includes details of all licensed Pool Safety Inspectors.

Contact Steve Kilburn’s office on 3398 4777 for further information on the new Pool Safety Laws.

Steve also had the following tips for pool owner wishing to improve the safety of their pool:

  • replace, tighten or adjust the hinges on your gates to make the gate self close
  • make sure the pool safety barrier height is 1200 millimetres from bottom to top
  • shield or remove climbable objects within 900 millimetres of the pool safety barrier
  • trim back any branches that a child could use to climb over the pool safety barrier
  • install permanently fixed security screens on windows that open into the pool enclosure
  • remove climbable objects from the pool safety barrier and surrounding area
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