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May 112011

Travelworld Carindale are inviting people to visit and discuss their travel plans on Thursday May 19th when they have African Travel Specialist Debra Kruk in store.

Message from the Owner / Manager of Travelworld Carindale

Travelworld Carindale is excited to introduce Debra Kruk, Sales Executive for African Travel Specialists. Debra has been travelling to Africa for the past 14 years and from the first time she set foot on African soil she fell in love with this great continent. She has since been sharing her experiences with intrepid travellers, and helping them plan their memorable holiday. It is her belief that Africa should be on everyone’s ‘Bucket List’ regardless of age, budget and interests. Once visited, more than 70% of travellers return to Africa again and again! Last year alone Debra travelled to Tanzania and experienced the mysterious Ngorongoro Crater and the world famous Serengeti. Although it was the end of the rainy season the game viewing was superlative and yet again sights and experiences breathtaking. Imagine sitting quietly in a vehicle on the floor of this massive Crater whilst following the wanderings of a lone bull elephant slowly meandering his way towards the vehicle. He came close enough to smell and touch us if he was so inclined and the photos of this lone bull elephant amongst a sea of yellow flowers is beautifully contrasted.

Later in the year Debra travelled back to South Africa for a personal visit with friends which included revisiting Cape Town – the one city you have to believe all you hear – and then she travelled into Swaziland – one of the two Kingdoms bordering South Africa. From here she hired a car and drove back into South Africa to experience the great Kruger National Park where a weekend of game viewing was absolutely amazing.
Don’t be deceived, Africa isn’t just for ‘chasing’ the game viewing opportunities. If you are into history, cultural experiences, culinary opportunities, photography, are a keen golfer or simply a train buff, or just want to feel and experience the vibe of this wonderful continent enroute to another destination, Africa has it all – even for the ‘shopaholic’.

Please take the time to come and visit Debra in store for our African Guest Desk Day on Thursday 19th May.
We at Travelworld Carindale certainly look forward to you meeting her.

Fabio Caruso
TravelWorld Carindale


Date: Thursday 19th May 2011
Time: 11am – 7pm (by appointment only)
Venue: Travelworld Carindale, Shop 1126 Westfield Carindale Shopping Centre, Creek Road, Carindale
(Sizzler entrance next to Stacks)
RSVP: Reserve your appointment by phoning one of the friendly staff at Travelworld Carindale on 07 3843 1144
Deb Kruk from African Travel Specialists joins Travelworld Carindale to answer all your questions about where to go in Africa, the best time to go, travel tips, itinerary planning, travel in groups or independently. Share the African Travel Specialist’s passion for travel to Africa in every detail by making an appointment with Deb on this terrific in-store “Guest Desk” day.

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