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Jun 052011

Letter to the communityLast year, fire fighters attended more than 478 house fires in Queensland during June, July and August. This equates to around five fires every day during the winter period across the State.

With people starting to use heaters, electric blankets and fireplaces, the risk of fire increases dramatically. This winter, households should be mindful of the danger room heaters pose to lives and property, especially when placed too close to bedding or clothing. Residents should also devise and practice an emergency evacuation plan to activate in the event of a fire. 

I encourage residents to take advantage of the free QFRS Safehome program during the winter months. I urge all households to take the time to book a free Safehome visit so they can be aware of the fire risks in their home and learn what to do if a fire occurs. QFRS also offers several free education and community safety programs to the public. For more information visit

Yours sincerely,
STEVE KILBURN MP State Member for Chatsworth

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