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Jul 052011

(Image credit: Green Dean.) Pictured from L-R: Hannah, Rolf and Jamie

What a great Saturday morning. I went along to the Southside Sustainabilty Centre’s open day that B4C run once a month.

It all started with a spot of Tai Chi and we were joined by the lovely Di Farmer for that. We were guided by Tai Chi teacher Green Dean through some basic beginner steps. We were concentrating on breathing, basic beginner moves and we ended imagining we were stroking the tail feathers of a beautiful bird and then releasing it to the sky.  Just loved it, and we all agreed it was a great way to kick start the day.

Next I strolled through the vegetable gardens amongst cabbages, broccoli  – so many different types of greens – some I didn’t even recognise – everything looked so healthy and lush. There is also a nursery growing locally collected seeds into plants for revegetating waterways and local bushlands.

Situated in the middle of all these wonderful gardens is a chook pen with indoor and outdoor living space all set under a beautiful fig tree for shade and a healthy choko vine climbing up the side. I am sure the chooks were smiling – well the rooster certainly was –  he was obviously in charge of this hen house and enjoying every minute of it.

After a delicious morning tea, which also included tasting wild rasberries fresh from the vine, I used a machete to trim down some bamboo during the workshop, watched as the friendly folk built a climbing frame for beans using the bamboo we had prepared earlier.  I had no idea that you could split bamboo so easily, weave it, or that I would ever have a machete in my hands trimming it.

I met lots of friendly people during the morning, learnt heaps and got some good tips with regard to my own garden, and I also received a lovely gift of a pawpaw to take home.

I have driven past so many times and often wondered what was over the fence (on the corner of Wright Street and Old Cleveland Road).  The Southside Sustainability Centre welcomes you to drop in to take a look around – potter around in this community garden, pull out a few weeds or just browse.  They also have a great volunteer program and are always looking for more people (all ages) who would like to take part in different ways of improving the environment.  They engage in community education, school projects, bushcare group support and getting the community planting trees, weeding and working on waterways and bushlands.

These gardens are open to anyone in the community and current gardening and nursery days are Tuesday, Friday morning, and the first Saturday morning of each month. I encourage you to give them a call on 3420 4800 and get involved.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jewel has a background in real estate, finance (stockbroking) and retail. She loves living in Carindale and working on Carindale Connect, volunteering in the area and spending time with her grandchildren.
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  One Response to “My Saturday morning of bamboo splitting, chooks and more”

  1. What a great local initiative, isn’t it interesting what you can find locally when you dig around (no pun intended!). I will have to take the kids there for a visit. I am still trying unsuccessfully to get a mental picture of my mother armed with a machete….

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