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Jul 182011
SEBCC event

L-R: Cameron Dick MP, SEBCC President Penny Cutting, Premier Anna Bligh, Di Farmer MP

Thanks to Penny Cutting, South East Brisbane Chamber of Commerce President, for providing us with her July President’s Report.

South East Brisbane Chamber of Commerce
One hundred and fourteen members and guests attended our July Business at Sunrise meeting with the Premier. Those who were unable to attend missed an exceptional opportunity. Next time perhaps.

The Premier provided good reasons why Queensland can expect strong economic growth in this new financial year. Genuine information that we don’t seem to get in the press or the TV news.

Did you know, for example, that our desalination plant, which some critics label a multi-billion dollar white elephant, provided drinking water for Brisbane for four weeks when the standard system could not cope with polluted floodwaters? I didn’t. Things you learn at the Chamber!

The Premier gave examples of how small business will benefit from the economic growth generated by the resurgence of mineral extraction industries.

So, approach the year ahead with confidence.

We had two excellent presentations from Yellow Cabs and Our Haus. Well prepared and well delivered presentations which certainly enhanced our perception of these two businesses. Other Corporate Members can get similar benefits from this Chamber facility.

Darryl Brias told us the fascinating history of Yellow Cabs and of the implementation of new technology for bookings by mobile phone. Even more important is new technology to ensure that passengers, with primary consideration for young women, can reach home in safety. Well done Yellow Cabs.

Darren Martin told us of the massive effort needed over nine months to establish the new business of Our Haus Cafe. A reminder to us all that starting a new business is no cakewalk. He then described the creative initiatives employed to generate great customer interest and satisfaction. A marketing example we should all try to emulate in our own businesses.

Dr Ian Sims will be our guest speaker for the August Business at Sunrise breakfast. He will tell us about the Forensic Accounting viewpoint of the changes Cloud Computing will have on business. If you have never thought about this, now is the time to do so.

Remember to bring your display material and Business Cards for the Members Table; but don’t forget to take leftovers away with you.

If you would like to donate a Raffle Prize with the proceeds going to help feed the many Queensland children who go to school without breakfast in the mornings, please contact Sue Holz,

Our September Business at Sunrise will be our annual general meeting. At this meeting some of our hard working Committee members will choose to retire. If you would like to join the Committee and contribute to the wellbeing of the Chamber for the benefit of all members please let me know. Your Chamber is thriving and you can enjoy the camaraderie and sense of achievement that Committee membership can bring.

Penny Cutting
SEBCC President

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