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Aug 032011

Brisbane Translink is seeking feedback regarding changes to the Veolia bus services in the Eastern region. You can attend one of these information stalls to provide your feedback on transport changes:

Wednesday 17 August (8.30am–10.30am) Eastside Village Cnr Tilley and New Cleveland Roads, Gumdale

Thursday 18 August (9am–12pm) Cleveland Library 55 Middle Street, Cleveland

Thursday 18 August (3.30pm–7.30pm) Victoria Point Shopping Centre Cnr Bunker & Cleveland-Redland Bay Roads, Victoria Point

Friday 19 August (9am–5.30pm) Capalaba Central Shopping Centre Moreton Bay Road, Capalaba

Saturday 20 August (9.30am–11.30am) Eastside Village Cnr Tilley and New Cleveland Roads, Gumdale

Sunday 21 August (10am– 4pm) Capalaba Central Shopping Centre Moreton Bay Road, Capalaba

For more information, or to fill out an online response form, visit or call the TransLink call centre on 13 12 30 anytime.

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  2 Responses to “Have your say on transport changes”

  1. Thanks for your comments, Emma. You echo the voices of many more Gumdale residents whom I have spoken with about this issue. I have been collecting data and hearing concerns from throughout the area over several months and have been meeting constantly with the Transport Minister and Translink officers to get the best possible outcome for you and other residents. We are on our way now, and I thank you for your patience while we make sure the new route is planned and implemented properly. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly on this or any state government issue. Thanks again for your interest and input.

  2. The idea of a bus going from Gumdale to Carindale directly would be such a great route. It would make the city much more assessable. It would be a great asset for the suburb. It would also make my trip to university in the city so much quicker. I believe this route along Tilley Rd would service the most people. Thanks

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