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Jun 082012
Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull

Want to hear about the National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout from the perspective of the Shadow Minister for Communications and Broadband?

Malcolm Turnbull will be speaking and taking questions at the Bonner Communications and Broadband Forum at the Carindale PCYC next week.

Ross Vasta the Federal Member for Bonner says that one of the main concerns brought to his attention is the lack of reliable and affordable access to Broadband in many suburbs throughout the local area.

Mr Vasta says he has made frequent representations on behalf of Bonner constituents to the main telecommunications providers, as well as the Minister and Shadow Minister in Canberra on this matter.

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Bonner Communications and Broadband Forum
When: Friday 15 June 2012. 10.30am for 10.45am start
Where: Carindale PCYC, 27 Narracott Street, Carina, 4152.
RSVP essential by COB Wednesday 13 June 2012 to or 3893 3488.

What questions would YOU like to ask Malcolm Turnbull?

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  One Response to “Malcolm Turnbull coming to Carindale”

  1. Hi,

    I saw your forum announcement on Twitter, and although I’m from NSW and won’t be able to attend in person, I would love it if you could ask a question of Mr Turnbull. I also think it would be wonderful if the questions and answers from the forum could be posted on the website.

    My question to Mr Turnbull is:

    “You have stated in the past that 12Mbps speeds were sufficient, and that nobody needs 100Mbps speeds to the home. Given that it was recently revealed that 82% of NBN customers so far have chosen speeds exceeding 12Mbps, (including 37% who have chosen 100Mbps), will the coalition’s alternative policy be “upgraded” before the next election to provide 100Mbps speeds for the substantial portion of the population who obviously desire that capability?”

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