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Aug 102012

The following is a letter provided by Wayne Cameron of B4C (Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee), dated 6th August.

Doctor: Patients will not survive operation

Dear Dr Flegg,

The State Government’s plans to sell off the Monte Carlo Caravan Park at Cannon Hill will destroy a thriving community of “battling bushcarers”.

All that is new is not always for the good – and this is an example.

Sometimes an operation is not recommended when the patient is older, frail or unable to cope and this is the case here Doctor.

I am sure by looking at the bottom line you will find that environmental and social benefits can justify keeping something of value – such as the wonderful residents who have restored Bulimba Creek and involved the Gateway Learning Unit and its schools in annual tree plantings.

There is something here to be proud of and there is no reason for our State Government not to become part of it.
Yours sincerely,

Wayne Cameron

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