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Sep 212012

The following is a media release from Ross Vasta MP. Thursday 20 September 2012

Local Federal MP, Ross Vasta is standing up against the Gillard Government’s abrupt closure of the Medicare Chronic Disease Dental Scheme (CDDS), on the 30 November 2012.

The Coalition is fighting against this Medicare cut, which abandons chronic disease sufferers.

“Many people in Bonner have contacted me to express their anger and worry about the abrupt closure of this Medicare dental scheme”, Ross Vasta said.

Labor is closing the scheme because it was implemented by Tony Abbott when he was Health Minister.

Labor’s planned replacement is an unfunded $4.1 billion re-election promise.

“The Coalition is standing up for chronic disease sufferers. Labor is standing only for re-election. The long gap until July 2014 reveals Labor’s shallow political motive,” Ross Vasta said.

Under Labor’s scheme, if it is ever delivered, children will wait 13 months with no care and then only be eligible for $1000 over two years, instead of $4250 under the current scheme. Adults will wait at least 19 months and even then they will be dumped onto public dental waiting lists. The lists will balloon because of Labor ramping up treatment expectations and poor policy design.

“Bonner doesn’t need another Labor policy disaster. Patient’s can’t wait 19 months or more for dental treatment,” Ross Vasta said.

Labor spin makes references to ‘millionaires’ to attack this scheme and disguise their Medicare cuts. According to the National Advisory Council on Dental Health, 80% of Chronic Disease Dental Scheme patients are concession card holders.

“Labor should drop the class war spin. Chronic disease sufferers waiting months for dental care will result in poorer dental health, jeopardise heart surgery, demoralise cancer patients and lead to other complications,” Ross Vasta said.

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