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Sep 022012

We asked SpecialFX Hair Studio (Carindale) owner Michelle Coglan what she thinks is hot for Spring.

This season is all about bright bold colours, especially neon.

It can feel a little scary or maybe too youthful for those not used to wearing such bold colours. Some of the neon brights might scream 80’s. It could mean, standing out in a crowd too much.

Well, it certainly doesn’t have to be that way at all.

This season is about colour the grown up way.

If you are a little nervous about jumping straight into a full length neon suit, use these tips to ease your way in.

Start with bright accessories such as a bright clutch-bag, maybe your shoes.

I am loving the clutches at Forever New. Some of these just have a stripe of colour.

Diva is a great affordable accessory shop and I’m loving the bright earrings and watches in store at the moment.

Neon tops from Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane the women’s sports wear specialist is even supplying us with neon options (pictured left). Not only is your workout wear no longer boring and black, it actually makes you WANT to go and sweat it out at the gym.

Colour blocking is also great way to work with neons.

What about when it comes to neon hair or make-up?

One of Michelle’s clients going ombre with neon hues.

Coloured hair has never looked so great. We are seeing everything from hints of soft pastels to splashes of bright neon colours and these are proving to be a trend to follow.  We saw this in some of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia’s best hair in the runway shows including by Romance Was Born. As hairdressers we take note of this.

We are finding people are being a lot braver with their colour. Ombre is still very much in demand this season, this is a nice change from the usual foils. You can ombre in the neon hues to give the ends of your hair the dip dyed look.

We are seeing neon nail on the runways, such as Manning Cartell’s show.

Fashion is all about having fun so whatever way you decide to wear your bright neon colours, where them proud and love the new attention it grabs!

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