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Oct 032012

We’re organising a book swap to happen at the Carindale Connect stall at the Green Heart Fair. This is a great re-use activity that celebrates reading and community.

If you’ve read a book, why not let someone else get enjoyment out of it rather than it sitting in your bookshelf?

How to be a part of it

Swap books (on Green Heart Fair day)
Bring a book or two to our stall, we’ll add them straight to the book swap stand and you can then select any books in the book swap collection to take with you. It’s book for book – if you give the stall two books, you can take two books. There will be some chairs at our stall so why not settle in and take some time to choose your book and chat with other locals.
Donate books (leading up to the event)
Whether or not you can come on the day, you can donate some books to the book swap collection in the lead-up to the event. Contact us for the delivery address. We can pick-up too if you’re local. The actual book swapping is only happening on the day though.

Optional ideas

  • leave a note inside the book cover as to why you liked the book for book swappers to read.
  • promote your business or group by leaving your business card or flyer (no bulky flyers, just one page flyers please) inside the cover. We’ll be promoting some of the books (and their donors) online in the lead-up to the event.

Types of books

  • All topics
  • Kids and adults books
  • Fiction, non-fiction, reference
  • New and old books

To donate books in the lead-up to the event or to ask us any questions – drop us a line at

The Green Heart Fair is at Carindale Recreation Reserve on Sunday 28th of October from 9am – 4pm.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jewel has a background in real estate, finance (stockbroking) and retail. She loves living in Carindale and working on Carindale Connect, volunteering in the area and spending time with her grandchildren.
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