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Feb 132013

The following is a speech made in Parliament today by Ian Walker, the State Member for Mansfield.

I, like I am sure many honourable members in this House, am fortunate to have a great number of active Neighbourhood Watch groups within the Mansfield electorate. I was only introduced to Neighbourhood Watch when I ran for the seat of Mansfield and became the member. Before then I really did not know too much about it, but I have come to know very quickly that Neighbourhood Watch certainly lives up to its name.

Watch it does and it is a very important watching that it does of our community. I feel that many parts of Mansfield are clearly safer and more secure for our residents because of the great work done by our Neighbourhood Watch groups within our local area.

The police minister, Jack Dempsey, I think has done some great work in expanding the Neighbourhood Watch Program and, in particular, in adding the myPolice website to the Neighbourhood Watch Program. In our area that has been a tremendous addition and advantage to our Neighbourhood Watch groups. Many of us now go online and use that system. We get emails daily about things that are happening as they occur, giving us a great response from our Police Service as to the things happening in our local community.

The Neighbourhood Watch groups within Mansfield are keen to promote themselves even further. A number of groups within my electorate are planning a special event on Sunday, 19 May at the Mount Gravatt Showgrounds titled ‘Good Neighbour Security Expo’. Its aims are to facilitate an exposition of a comprehensive range of information and products that will enhance safer communities for all our residents and to raise the awareness of residents to the importance of accessing reliable, community- friendly information and services, and for taking pre-emptive action that together results in a strengthened sense of community and safer homes and families.

The Mount Gravatt Showgrounds is a great centre for our community. It will be an easy place for people to access and to see what our Neighbourhood Watch groups can offer and, indeed, what the Queensland police can also do to assist. There will be a broad range of displays. There will be electronic security devices, alarms, locking devices and all of the things that go with a secure neighbourhood. We are hoping to involve our local ambulance group as well so that those who attend see the police and the ambulance working together in real life.

It is the Upper Mount Gravatt No. 1 group under Paul Bunney, the Holland Park No. 1 group under Alex Wright, the Upper Mount Gravatt No. 16 group under Carmel Loane and the Upper Mount Gravatt No. 22 group under Jim Renshaw who are doing this. I commend them and urge all of the residents of Mansfield to support this important event.

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