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Mar 272013

The following post has been submitted by John Hudson.

I have noticed that many footpaths and park areas in Carindale that were originally constructed by the developer are maintained by council using machinery and labour in a very swift manner. I understand that council have a limited budget so they are doing the best job they can with the resources they have. Many new suburbs in Brisbane have complex garden features that are handed over to council for maintenance once the developer has finished selling the land.

I do not want to suggest that council are doing a bad job I would just like to suggest that the finishing touches could be done by a group of volunteers who use these parks and footpaths every day. It would be a healthy activity that would bring the local community together.

Cribb Road is a very good example where gardens and hedges that have houses backing onto them are maintained in a limited manner. The owners cannot access these paths even if they wanted to.

What I would like to propose is getting a community group together that would use their own garden maintenance tools to go and do a cleanup. I believe that it would be build a great sense of community and the area would look a lot nicer and the paths would be safer.

There would be no children allowed in the cleanup so risk of injury was limited.

Just wondering if council would help support this scheme. Some advice on managing liability issues and working in with the current council maintenance scheme and free waste management would be all the help that would be required. A trial run could be used in this area.

To get things started we could do a letterbox drop and get owners to register their interest in supporting the scheme . I am happy to come and have a meeting with a council representative to talk about what’s involved.

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