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May 252013

The following is a speech by Aaron Dillaway given on May 23rd 2013 in State Parliament.

Tonight I rise to talk about the hypocrisy of my local federal member for Griffith, Mr Kevin Rudd. This is a man who states that he is standing up for the south side, but most recently he has certainly gone missing on the federal issues that are surrounding our area, and I would like to give some examples if I may.

The first one is Gonski funding. This is a man who states that he is standing up for the south side and standing up for the south side schools, but under our current figures five schools across my electorate are going to be between two and 6.5 per cent worse off, and that is including schools like Balmoral State High School and Morningside State School. Interestingly enough, Morningside State School is the school that he boast that his kids once attended.

Another issue that he has gone missing on is homelessness. No funds are going to be provided for this next year—nothing. He has not spoken about it once. Then there is the issue of computers in our schools. Have we heard anything from the member for Griffith? No, nothing. Then we have the budget deficit of $19 billion this year and $18 billion next year that was just handed down by his good friend Mr Swan. Have we heard anything from the member for Griffith? No, nothing. Then of course today we had confirmation that $103 million was cut from our health budget this year? Have we heard anything from the federal member? No, nothing.

Steve Minnikin MP: That’s a disgrace.

Aaron Dillaway MP: I take that interjection. So the federal member is more interested in talking about state issues than about federal issues, and I know why that is the case: there is no good message coming out of the federal sphere and most of his media at the moment is all state based. So I ask this question of the House: is he making a play for state politics? For all Queenslanders I certainly hope not, because some in the House may very well remember what happened last time he was involved in state politics under the Goss government—mass Public Service sackings and a massive Public Service restructure.

Steve Minnikin MP: ‘Dr Death’.

Aaron Dillaway MP: That is right. I take that interjection. He was well known as ‘Dr Death’. But I have also found that during that time there were school closures. My research shows that at least seven schools were closed during the period 1989 to 1992 when Mr Kevin Rudd was the chief of staff. If that is not hypocrisy, I do not know what is. Even in the Bligh-Beattie years, 89 schools have been closed in the past 14 years. But we did not see him out there in the media. We heard nothing again from the federal member for Griffith. It is absolute hypocrisy. He is running scared of Dr Bill Glasson and ‘Glasson’s Gladiators’. I can certainly say here tonight: go, Dr Bill!

Government Members: Hear, hear!

Aaron Dillaway MP: Hear, hear! I know you will look after the people of Griffith and every day you are looking more and more like the member for Griffith and not the media and long-haul flight junkie we have today.

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