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May 172013

The following is a letter written by Ian Kaye State Member for Greenslopes to local Kerryn Loose-Jones which she has given permission to publish here.

Dear Kerryn,

Thank you for your email regarding the Whites Hill College oval on the southern side of Samuel Street. The information provided by the Education Department at this time is included below.

  • The total areas of Whites Hill State College is 16.187 Ha, the portion of the site to be sold is 4.854 Ha (leaving 11.336 Ha).
  • Typical planning profile for a new high school is 12Ha to accommodate 1100 student enrolments.
  • Whites Hill SC currently has 700 students enrolled.
  • The Region (Education QLD) has begun consultation with the school, and a response and update should be available shortly.
  • As you are aware the area for disposal is separate from the main site of the school, there is a QBuild depot that is located on one corner of the site that would need to be relocated.
  • There are a number of factors that will need to be taken into account during this process including wildlife issues. With regard to that I have requested a briefing from the Minister for the Environment.
  • In terms of other ovals, the only other oval that I am aware of locally is the Balmoral State High School in which one of the three ovals Balmoral has been put forward.

The Education Department manages its asset register however I note that the Minister for Education has publicly stated that proceeds from such disposals will go directly back into education. Unfortunately due to the large number of aging schools the maintenance backlog had blown out to $300 million by the time the current government took office. One local Southside school alone has a maintenance backlog in excess of $1 million.

Whilst the Whites Hill State College is within the Chatsworth Electorate the oval in question is in my electorate of Greenslopes and as such I am taking an active role in the process. Unfortunately due to timing I have not been able to attend P&C meetings at this stage. Steve Minnikin (Chatsworth) did attend the P&C meeting last night. As a local member it will be my job to take the communities views back to the Minister which I will be only too pleased to do. If the oval is sold Steve and I will work together to tray and achieve the best outcome for the school.

I am sorry that I do not have any more information at this time however more will be known as the consultation continues and results of other inquiries come back.

Please do not hesitate to contact me further if you have further questions. I did also notice that you did not appear on the electoral role for Greenslopes. If you do reside in another electorate I would also encourage you to make contact with your local member as well about this issue.

Kind regards


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Local resident and the recipient of this letter, Kerryn Loose-Jones has written about the campaign to save the school oval here.

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