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May 092013

Whites Hill State School FieldsInvitation from Whites Hill State College Parents and Citizens Association.
Notification of Special Meeting Friday 10 May 2013
Meeting location: Asian Arts Building (Old Library), Whites Hill State College, Burn St, Camp Hill
Time: 5pm (expected finish time 6pm)

A special meeting has been called by the P&C Executive to inform parents and citizens of the proposal to SELL the school’s playing fields and buffer land.

The proposed land is Lot 147 on SL5597 Samuel Street as shown above.

The P&C Executive asks that you attend this important meeting so that:
1) the information currently available to the P&C can be communicated.
2) The floor will be open to presentations from any parliamentary elected members.
3) The following motions will be presented
a. That the P&C take further action on the matter
b. That the P&C take NO further action on the matter

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