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Jul 282013

Belmont Art ShowThe organiser of the Belmont Art Show said the show received the most entries of work that she’s experienced with similar shows she has run. Fiona Felix is an art teacher at Belmont State School and she also was behind the inaugural Belmont Art Show which exhibited works of Brisbane artists along with those of the school’s students.

Previous shows coordinated by Fiona prior to coming to Belmont State School have attracted entries from prize winning artists and members of professional art guilds. This show, with 185 artwork submissions, was no exception.

Both professional and emerging artists entered their work into the ‘works on canvas or board’ or ‘works on paper’ categories. It was a great crowd on opening night (Friday 19th July) with many of the artists enjoying the event with art lovers and parents and students of the school. The exhibition was also open during the school’s fete on the Sunday.

Carindale could do with more arts and cultural events so let’s hope Fiona and the school continue with this event and that others follow her lead.

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