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Aug 052013

Post by George Kambouris, Carindale resident and owner of Living on Wheels. We wrote about George earlier this year.

Talking to kids at the Spina Bifida Association last yearHow many children are there in wheelchairs in Brisbane? And how many children in wheelchairs and their families are prepared for a life in one?

I’m really keen to pass on the experiences and knowledge I have obtained and to help children, not only with everyday tasks, but also about fun, games and sport in wheelchairs.

Come along for an intro to “Living On Wheels” – a showcase of what my new program will be offering. It’s a free event for the whole community. Please let as many people know as possible, especially kids in wheelchairs and their families and friends!

Living on Wheels Open Day
Saturday 10th August 2013, 9am-1pm
Carindale PCYC

Living on Wheels9am:
> Arrival of Government Officials – Ross Vasta MP Federal Member for Bonner, Steve Minnikin MP State Member for Chatsworth and Councillor & Deputy Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner. We are also expecting the Labor Candidate for Bonner Laura Fraser Hardy.
> Welcome to Carindale PCYC by Sgt David Beard, Branch Manager
> Opening talk by George Kambouris outlining Living on Wheels.

Various wheelchair skills and checks, obstacles course etc.

10.30am: Morning Tea.

10.45am: Trying out some wheelchair sports. And talking with kids and parents about the program (Feedback on what they would like – where/when/how of the the program)

1pm: BBQ Lunch provided.
Thanks to Rotary Club of Carindale.

Contact: George Kambouris: 3843 6769 / 0411 797 500 / /
The event on Facebook.

I would also like to thank (in no particular order) the following groups for their help with this event: Milestones Employment, Special Care Central, Cerebral Palsy League, the Carindale PCYC, Sporting Wheelies, Carindale Rotary, Spina Bifida Qld.

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