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Oct 142013

Local residents recently received a letter from our local councillor indicating that they propose to rename parts of Camp Hill to Whites Hill unless enough survey responses indicating residents are against this are received.

I (and other residents) have a number of concerns about this:
– The letter is the only communication we have received and no other effort has been made to notify residents this proposal has been made and how to respond. We are concerned that a number of residents may not have even opened this mail. Additionally, no effort appears to be being made to contact owners of investment properties that are currently tenanted meaning they will have no opportunity to respond to this proposal.
– The letter includes very little detail and phone call to Adrian Schrinner’s office weren’t able to clarify the following details:
* Why is this proposal being made?
* What streets or parts of Camp Hill are affected by this proposal?
* Is our zoning affected by any renaming? (phone calls to local real estate agents indicate yes and that the renaming will have a negative effect on house prices in the affected streets)
* How many responses do they have receive in order for a change to be made and how many negative responses do they need in order to prevent the change going ahead?
– A phone call was needed to find out what timeframe residents have to respond (ie, this information wasn’t included in the letter) and only surveys returned by November 1 will be counted.

Thank you for publishing,
Madeline Murray

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  4 Responses to “Proposal to rename parts of Camp Hill to Whites Hill”

  1. Thank you Vanessa for stating the obvious (in regard to where my home is). To me though, what stinks about this argument is the fact that we are even having it! Aren’t there many many more deserving topics to be debated (if in fact this one even is)? Incidentally, people DO pay “good money” to live in the suburb of their choice.
    PS Vanessa, not a great way to start a discussion by labelling opponent’s input as “stupid”.

  2. I’ve never heard of anything so stupid in my life (Wendy)!
    Your house is not going to RELOCATE! It would be a mere name change. I grew up in Camp Hill (since 1971) , I still live and work in the area – as does the rest of my family, but what stinks about this debate is this argument which has come up “embroiling” Whites Hill State College. Only the ignorant and ill-informed would say terrible things about that school & then equate it to the “good money paid for their Camp Hill ” address (Mrs Carrick). The snobbery of such people is outrageous. Spare a thought for students caught in the crossfire of your comments , PLEASE!

  3. Why on earth would this renaming of Camp Hill areas even be considered? We bought in Camp Hill and want to remain living in Camp Hill. Whose crazy idea was this renaming anyway… Will anybody benefit from this change? Just leave well alone.

    • Hey Wendy, just for the record , I am against the name change. But if you think for a second that it will affect your property values then you’re on another planet ! When I grew up ,Indus St mail was already addressed as “Whites Hill” – but it NEVER affected their property values ! I am just curious to know if it is some kind of status thing with you? The worst thing for you (& family I have living in that zone)- is that they would be having to change mailing addresses & passport details etc. They would not love living in the “zone” any less as that is where we grew up , AND then ther is sentimentality …we have ,for 43 years called “Camp Hill” home. How long have you called it home? I get the distinct impression that you like wearing the “Camp Hill” address to impress others & “Whites Hill” just wouldn’t fit into your circle of friends?

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