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Jan 012014

IGA Westfield Carindale is scheduled to close on 2 January 2014. Through their Community Benefits card, IGA financially contributed to local groups and provided discounts to card holders. IGA offered good service, a wide range of products, and was open at convenient hours. Unfortunately, lack of customers has compelled them to close. Shoppers at the IGA end of Westfield went to Woolworths, directly opposite IGA. I’d be interested to know why. I sincerely hope customers aren’t being fooled by a ‘shopper docket’, where shoppers pay a higher total food bill than is available elsewhere, all to save about $2.50 at a petrol station likely to have a 10 minute waiting queue in peak periods.

The Woolworths / Coles duopoly is crippling business and future opportunity in Australia. Petrol stations, supermarkets, and behind the scenes, manufacturers and wholesalers, are closing because of the tactics used by these big two. However, it’s not their fault.

Shoppers – Your choice of where to shop now affects Australian business future. Your choice has seen the wonderful people of IGA Carindale lose their jobs.

Happy new year.

Rod Lovell, local resident.

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  11 Responses to “IGA closes – No community benefit”

  1. I’ve always shopped at Woolworths and been happy with the value there. Just need to avoid the crowded times. IGA needed to give people a reason to shop there, but sadly they didn’t.

  2. Very sad day when IGA closed at Carindale. I always shopped there as Woolworths was getting rid of stock in favour of their own brands. Sadly missed.

    • I think you will find that the hyper rents being charged by Westfields is the likely culprit which is the same reason the fruit and vegie place and other stores beside it closed and then reopened under a different companies who most likely also now find themselves on struggle street.

  3. I have wanted to support that IGA over the years because I appreciated having room to move.
    But despite all the renovations and upgrades, it remained sub standard – deli food and fruit and veg in particular were often poor quality or out of date or lack of range. Other products were often not the ones I prefer to use.
    I never use shop-a-dockets, this was never the reason – it’s always been about the range. And even though I go to Carindale at least 4 times a week, I have probably only shopped at IGA about twice a year.

  4. I was determined to support IGA Carindale instead of one of the big chains. But after almost making myself sick on food I had bought at the IGA that had already or was very close to expiry, I gave up and moved to IGA Greenslopes.

  5. Sadly, we have two fat retailers who have been allowed to control the market and competition is smashed. We loved the variety of the product at IGA but how do you compete when shoppers are being offered 8c off the petrol and discount on their wine purchase – absolutely ridiculous

    • In wa -iga control 43% of the market because they do fuel discounts its only qld stores keep closing nsw sa vic do well because iga/ foodland have fuel discounts at petrol stations like national gull bp etc but bp n 7/11 won’t in qld but if they did or they banned fuel discounts it would change whast petrol goes up .20 then they do a discount. ???

  6. I’ve tried shopping there for full grocery shop, but there just was not enough variety and a lot of the things we buy just weren’t there. I also found their fruit & vegie section really lacking in quality.

    We have used intermittently for things out of stock at Woolies, but there are never any staff on cashiers and those that are, are deathly slow. My stress levels always skyrocketed just with trying to buy a couple of items. Was just not worth it.

    I am sorry that there are people losing jobs but from my view, it was a badly run business. Hopefully the staff may find jobs at Coles or Woolies where they will get trained slightly better.

  7. My parents did the usual get few things from IGA and a few things from Woolworths and were taken back to hear that IGA was closing its doors.
    I personally avoid the centre all together and head for IGA Carina.

    The bigger problem is the staff, parents mentioned speaking to a few of them and they’re all a bit left up in the air, offered jobs elsewhere but apparently for some its an additional 50-60min drive and just not possible, these things never happen at an opportune time but hope those looking for work get picked up by woolies or someone local at the least.

  8. I wondered the same Rod. I always found that particular IGA to be fantastic in price, variety and customer service, and without the huge queues. I was very sad to hear it was closing. I’m certainly not swayed by dockets or the like and thought the Community Benefit program was a great idea.
    I really hope the lovely staff find employment somewhere quickly, I will be moving on to the IGA at Wynnum for my groceries now.

  9. I’m not sure of what the exact reasons are as yet for the closure. Is the lease agreement and rental costs a significant factor?

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