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Apr 152014

Note from the editor: The YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament is a Queensland Studies Authority accredited education program for young Queenslanders. The QYP has been providing an apolitical environment where participants can engage with community issues as Youth Representatives of Parliament. We’ve been asking these local representatives electorates in the region to tell you a bit about themselves. The following is written by Juliette Cross the QYP representative for the Bulimba electorate (which includes suburbs such as Cannon Hill, Morningside & Seven Hills).

Juliette CrossThis is my first year as the Queensland Youth Parliamentarian for Bulimba and I am very excited to take on this responsibility.

I am currently in Year 11 at Cannon Hill Anglican College (CHAC) and am kept very busy with both my academic studies and my extra-curricular activities, including playing trumpet in school bands and school hockey. I am also currently a black belt and assistant instructor in Tae Kwon Do and enjoy playing the ukulele.

In the future I see myself travelling and exploring the world, visiting my relatives and, at the moment, I’m thinking about a career in the field of event management. I am very interested in social justice and raising awareness for mental illness within youth.

I think the YMCA QLD Youth Parliament is a wonderful opportunity for young people to reach out and help and get involved in their communities. Too often as young people we feel that we can’t have a say or do something to influence society positively.

Bulimba is, in my opinion, a very privileged electorate and we are lucky enough to have an advantaged lifestyle. I believe that the education of issues such as mental illness and homelessness will increase awareness and help the young people of my electorate to know how privileged they are. Bulimba is well on its way to being a strong and resilient community. We need to work together to learn to respect everyone’s opinions, as well as embrace our differences to create a stronger community.

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