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Jul 242014
Michelle Coglan

Michelle with one of her clients, undertaking a ‘pin-up retro’ do.

Special FX Hair Studio at Carindale turns 10 year’s old this month! We asked owner Michelle Coglan a few questions to find out more about her time building her salon business.

What are some valuable things you’ve learned about running a small business?
Basically, it’s not easy. There is always something there to challenge you. I am always learning of new, better and easier ways of running a small business. I am just a hairdresser who bought a salon and knew nothing about owning and running a business, so in turn I had to get help. I’ve done courses and been to business college which has helped me to understand things a lot more, which has taught me I can’t do everything myself and to get help in the areas I need.

How is your business different now than it was in your first year of business?
Very different. It was a struggle in the first year. Some days I might have seen one client, that certainly wasn’t enough to even cover the bills. But having my husband there to help me though with money helped us to get by.  Month by month I started to see returning clients and slowly but surely it built up to regular returning clients, which is very rewarding and made the struggle feel worthwhile persevering through.

What aspects do you like the most about running your salon?
I love the flexibility of running my salon. I am able to be at home when my children need me. I can go to school events, school holidays and also take days off for things that may arise. I have a team of wonderful girls working for me who I trust wholeheartedly to care for my salon as I would. I like they way I can set my own way of doing things, no rushing clients in and out. I’m able to take my time with each one and not feel pressured to make ‘budget’ like I have had to working for bigger companies. I love our clients, they make coming to work really enjoyable.

What is a hair fashion trend from the last 10 years that you’re thankful has passed?
I am glad the “Top Deck” colour has passed, this is where you colour one solid colour on the bottom of the hair and a different colour on the top. Also the mullet and rats tail tried to make a come back a couple of years ago, it didnt really take off, thank goodness!

What is a significant or interesting change you’ve seen in the salon industry in the last 10 years?
We are seeing a lot of the “Gen Y” kids growing up and coming in for their hairstyles, I find these guys are very fashion conscious and are always changing styles and wanting the next big thing.

From your perspective, what changes have you seen in the region (Carindale) over the years?
Carindale has certainly grown into a great suburb. The area has a diverse range of cultures and ages living here and it seems so warm and friendly. Our members in the area, Steve Minnikin, Adrian Schrinner and Ross Vasta have done some great things to improve the area to make it a great place to live and work in.

How will you be celebrating your 10 year milestone?
We are having a party to thank everyone for their continued support, we would not be who we are without our clients. On the night there will be giveaways, prizes, goody bags, most of all food and drink and a fun time in a relaxed atmosphere. We have been having month long promotions, plus extra special treat in the salon.

Special FX Hair Studio is located in Carindale Village at the corner of Old Cleveland Rd and Scrub Rd, Carindale.

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