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Aug 072014

Hi. I recently moved to Carindale.

I could not believe when I was told by Telstra that I could not get ADSL.

The reason was that I was on a shared line.

Living 12 km from from Brisbane CBD you would expect better service and infrastructure to be upgraded over the years.

It seems that Telstra is not interested in spending money. I wonder if someone higher up could put some pressure on Telstra to invest into this lovely suburb and upgrade the Exchanges?

Any feedback or solutions welcome.


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 Posted by on August 7, 2014

  2 Responses to “Telstra Broadband in Carindale”

  1. Hi, we just moved to Carindale and we were told by all major internet service providers that they can’t give us ADSL. We ended up paying $70/mth just to get mobile broadband for very pathetic amount of data (so that we can pay bills online).

    We also rang NBN to check out the roll out plan but Carindale is NO WHERE in the plan. Can our local representative give us an update how we can improve our quality of life in this suburb? We work full time and with two young children, we really want to have decent access to internet at reasonable price at our home. Free public wifi doesn’t solve most ppl’s need.


  2. Telstra told me that too — it took almost 6 months for them to give me broadband — just because the
    complex was on shared lines — this was to save the original builders money – it took me hours (7 in one day)
    just to convince them they HAD to put in ADSL – this was not easy but I finally got someone IN BRISBANE
    to talk to and – believe it or not – we had Broadband — this was at Tick St next to TAFE – so I can imagine
    TAFE would have had Broadband no problems — what a rip off — and except that we had a bundled account
    for business in Salisbury as well as home phone and faxes we probably would still be on dialup
    You could consider going to one of the other suppliers if you’re not under contract — there are a few who
    will do it

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