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Sep 062014

The following has been submitted by a local resident, Sina, regarding the Belmont Shooting Complex. You can add your comments below or submit your own article.

Dear Carindale residents,

Imagine a beautiful sunny Spring afternoon in our lovely suburb. Kids are playing in the backyard, you enjoy some quiet time with a coffee and then it starts. Boom, boom, boom. And continues for hours…

I want to get your opinion on the shooting noise in our suburb. I understand that the shooting range has been here for a long time and has a right to be there. But the city is moving closer and closer to it and more residential areas are being developed close by as the population grows. Isn’t it time for some changes for the shooting range as well? Aren’t there any modifications available to quieten guns? How about some electronic aim targeting?

I don’t mind if people like shooting but why does a whole suburb have to life with the aftermath of it. Everybody in our suburb has the some responsibilities to our neighbors and the people living here.


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 Posted by on September 6, 2014

  13 Responses to “Carindale – BOOM BOOM”

  1. This facility has been there for decades and long before the urban sprawl reached it.. The Shooting range was originally put there because nothing was close by. If you want to lobby anyone lobby the town planners and your local members for placing houses so close to it. The Shooting Range also built a wall to literally block out noise and is mostly placed amongst trees.

    The whole opening post sets up this for a one way argument against the club. It is a social club and all this thread is are doing is inciting the minority to have the most vocal opposition of it.

    If you removed that range it would be replaced by more urban sprawl, another major intersection and god only knows what else. Plus the loss of yet more native habitat as developers scramble to scoop up more and more land along that corridor.

  2. Yes the noise is very disturbing. It goes on till very late in the night and starts very early in morning even on weekends. Understand that shooting complex has been functioning for a long time. But it is time to do something about the noise pollution.
    Who can we raise the concern to?

    • It’s getting ridiculous. The claying shooting range is particularly bad because they use shotguns. Residents having to suffer all because of a few people who have nothing better to do than take pot shots at things. They should try a real sports sometime.

  3. The range was there first. Don’t like it, too bad…….

    • What a silly argument. So if your neighbour who was living there well before you moved in is making stupid amount noise you should just shut up and do nothing?

  4. I live just across the Gateway from the shooting Range. The noise level when I built the house approximately 12+ years ago was considerably less and since the end of 2015 particularly it has been getting progressively worse.

    I want to ask:- are the operators of this facility able to do what they like? e.g. expansionary plans, increase membership etc?, and how much larger do they need this facility to get? I would have thought it would be doing the exact opposite hence the progression of new sub-divisions with-in close vicinity!

    Also what rights do we have as its neighbor? And furthermore as Australian Citizens? I know there are no BILL OF RIGHT`S IN THE AUSTRALIAN CONSTITUTION but this is RIDICULOUS! It`s archaic and the State Government should be ashamed of themselves for keeping this sort of facility in such short distance of suburbia!

    I am sure that there must be some law that restricts the Decibel level in a populated area to exceed a certain level and boy have they breached that law! And who is monitoring this?

    It`s particularly the wide gauge shotguns that are causing the main noise pollution, they sound like CANNON FIRE! And to add salt into the wounds they start firing away 8am SHARP on a Saturday and Sunday morning just when most people are trying to either sleep-in just that little bit longer or just simply relax. I know that this range has been here for over a century but FELLOWS IT`S TIME TO GO!

    • In defence of the shooters and clubs that use the area we’ve been trying to get firearms suppressors made legal to QLD shooters for years much like our friends in the UK and NZ. In these countries its considered a neighbourly thing to do to suppress the noise of the firearms but our government here won’t budge. Even considering cars are required to have mufflers so they are obnoxiously loud so why not for shooters.

  5. I’m mean seriously. Why do we need a war zone type feeling living in Carindale? Have you recently been in Carindale on a Saturday afternoon? The shooting noise is getting worse. New sections of the shooting range have been opened for business and areas including Chandler, Wakerley and Mackenzie can now enjoy the beautiful sound of war.

    I can’t believe that in the 21st century there are no other methods of noise level reductions put in place such as electronic targeting or proper sound barriers. Coming from Europe – there are no open shooting ranges allowed near populated areas (for obvious reasons). Ranges are either under-ground or in special buildings. I think we can do better here…

    Embarrassing for Brisbane and especially Carindale.

  6. 1. Buyer beware, buy near a shooting range thats what happens.
    2. Its the state government that governs the lease and regulates the noise, council cant touch it
    3. what would replace the range ? hundreds of homes ? I know which I prefer.

  7. I think times have changed…and it needs to go. Particularly when they decide to shoot until 9pm at night. I think the community needs to rally together and force council to do something on the issue!

  8. Hi, my partner and I looking to buy our first home in Australia. Carindale was at the top of our list. Thankfully we visited our proposed site on a saturday morning and heard the noise. I grew up in the country in the USA and I love guns, owning several back home. That being said, there is a place for everything and a gun range next to a highly populated suburb is a bit silly.

    I understand the range has been there since probably before there were many or any residents to hear it. I’m sure noise wasn’t even a factor for consideration when they chose the site in that area. Times have now changed and noise pollution has a price. Council should look at strategies to relocate this range or contain its noise.

    I would compare this to vehicle emission regulations. Some old cars are unable to pass new pollution certification tests and as a result are no longer road worthy. No doubt the owner who purchased the car long before the test was implemented is upset by this. However, the majority of the population will agree it is a necessary test designed for the common good.

  9. I don’t like the noise either, but I’m resigned to the fact that it’s there. I prefer the range to having hundreds of houses and all the traffic it would generate. That and Chandler are part of the character of the open space Eastern suburbs and for that we have to put up with the bang, bangs.

  10. Are you kidding? I bet you would be the person who would live near an Airport and comment on the aircraft noise. Or live near a race track and comment on the cars racing around and around. ) ;

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