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Oct 172014

The following is a speech delivered by the State Member for Bulimba Aaron Dillaway in State Parliament yesterday.

I rise today to speak on recent improvements to public transport and supporting infrastructure in the Bulimba electorate. It has been an exciting time for commuters in the Bulimba electorate. I have delivered an additional go card top-up machine which has been installed at the Norman Park Central Newsagency. For a number of years, customers have asked for their go cards to be topped up there, and the owners can now finally meet this demand. Also, those go card top-ups will now stretch even further thanks to the Newman government. We have listened to Queenslanders and we will reinvest savings from the scrapping of the carbon tax into reducing public transport fares.

I have spent a number of mornings standing at my local transport hubs collecting votes for either more services or cheaper fares. I can announce that from 3 November the average commuter from the Bulimba electorate will now save an additional $83.16 a year. Instead of receiving Labor’s fare hikes, these commuters will now be up to $620 a year better off under the Newman government. But the good news does not stop there. As I talked to commuters, I received some very positive feedback regarding the changes made to the Cleveland train line at the beginning of the year. The increased frequency and the all-time high reliability have meant commuters are getting to work, university and school on time and they can be more flexible in their travel plans.

I have not stopped fighting for further improvements for Bulimba though. Currently, there is a serious parking situation at the Cannon Hill train station that is impacting on both commuters and surrounding residents. Many constituents have brought this matter to my attention. Instead of offering only lip service, I have thoroughly investigated the situation and have developed a strong local plan. I have identified the significant potential for additional car parking facilities on available land at Murarrie train station as a solution to the issue. Currently, I am collecting signatures for a petition calling for the expansion of the park and ride at Murarrie. I have actively doorknocked many areas of Cannon Hill and I look forward to further developing long-term solutions for my constituents.

Sadly, the inadequate volume of dedicated safe and secure parking facilities is a direct result of a Labor policy which was supported by the former Labor member for Bulimba. Under this policy new or additional park-and-ride facilities were banned within a 10-kilometre radius of the CBD. The contrast between the strong local voice in an LNP government and the former member’s performance could not be clearer not only on this issue but on all the public transport achievements that have been made recently.

Additionally, I welcome the recent announcement from the Minister for Transport and Main Roads about the flashing school lights program. As part of this program the Bulimba electorate will receive three sets of lights that are to be installed along Riding Road outside Bulimba State School, Saints Peter & Paul’s Catholic School and Morningside State School. This is a fantastic outcome of strong community advocacy. Earlier this year, I received over 400 signatures on my parliamentary petition calling for the installation of the flashing school lights at these locations. Now students of these three primary schools and their parents can have peace of mind when it comes to their safety as they journey to and from school.

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