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Mar 022015
Lindy Perrins

Lindy Perrins

Local artist Lindy Perrins, inspired by the natural environment and salvaged items, creates artworks of beauty and colour. She was keenly accepted into the upcoming In Their Hands art show, a joint project between the Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee and Carindale Connect. She is also delivering a presentation as part of the show.

Lindy, a Norman Park resident, gathers items from tip shops and second-hand shops, along with found objects or other items that would otherwise be thrown out. She gives them a new life by painting on them with ink.

“Nature is my inspiration,” she says.

“Gardens, bush, birds, butterflies, dragon flies and especially flowers with their colour combinations. Nature is a perfect designer.”

“I have a very strong attraction to leaves, they are amazing, so diverse. I will never tire of looking at them. There is no stage of the life cycle of a flower or leaf that does not offer inspiration and an artwork just waiting to be created.”

Lindy’s passion for creating art started in early childhood and kept on growing. As a mature age student she studied Illustration and then Craft & Contemporary Art.

Lindy is a co-founder of the Art Appreciation Group which meets at Garden City Library once a month.

Little Worm by Lindy Perrins

‘Little Worm’ – recycled tile mounted on canvas. One of Lindy Perrins’ artworks on show and for sale.

She has been teaching arts and crafts on and off for more than 20 years and currently teaches a group of adults weekly. Lindy says, in recent times, her main focus is giving people the opportunity to get back in touch with their creativity without worrying about the outcome.

“I believe we are all born creative but sadly, as we grow up, we allow our inner critic to have too strong a voice or we listen to others who don’t encourage us to let our creative selves out to play – which is often the case with adults … being creative releases stress and helps us to relax so that life becomes more enjoyable,” Lindy says.

April will also see the restart of “Art O.U.T.S.” (Art Out Under The Sun) where they will produce artworks outside that have nature as their focus.

“Colour has always been a major inspiration for me, so working with inks and dyes with their intensely vivid colours just seemed to draw me in.”

“The way I work with the inks and dyes, you don’t have a lot of control over the outcome. It’s the unknown which has captured me into its flowing joy –  absolutely mesmerising and meditative.”

In her recent work Lindy says that having to “let go” and not being able to completely control the outcome has been a big challenge and learning experience. She waits until the ink has “stopped doing its own thing” and is continually amazed by what is created and how the colours come together.

“This is a medium that just keeps drawing me back again and again and I look forward to developing the techniques further,” she says.

“Platypus at Play” was so named because when Lindy looked closely at the finished work, that is what she could see.

Lindy’s “Pond Reflections” piece reminded her of walks along the creeks on a Sunday afternoon and the effects of the light and objects on the surface of the water.

She has family immersed in the art world too. Her daughter, Martine Lloyd, is also one of the artists in the art show. Lindy’s partner Geoff, also an artist, makes large and beautifully crafted easels.

“Funnily enough neither of my parents ever considered themselves as artistic as such and wondered where I had got it from and yet in later life my mother joined my art classes and discovered she had quite a talent and took up water colour painting. My father was an inventor of sorts and could turn his hand to making all sorts of things.”

You can view and purchase Lindy’s work at Carindale’s upcoming art show that features over 40 local artists. You can also learn more about her thoughts and experiences in art, the environment and sustainability on the Sunday morning session.

What: In Their Hands – an art show inspired by nature and sustainability
Saturday March 7th – Viewing from 1pm. Opening 6pm.
Sunday March 8th – Morning tea from 9am. Presentation on art and the environment by Lindy at 10.30am.
Where: The Sustainability Centre, Cnr Wright St & Old Cleveland Rd, Carindale.

80% of sales from artwork go to the artist. 20% goes to the Bulimba Creek Catchment Environment Fund.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gen is the Founder of Carindale Connect (started in 2007). She has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Queensland University of Technology and an internship from ABC Online. She's involved in a number of web projects, was the Website Manager for Chamber of Commerce and Industry QLD and the Editor of Wotnews (Australian news aggregator and search engine start-up). She also spent some time as a volunteer Community Correspondent for 612 ABC Brisbane. Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Gen now lives in Carindale. She loves her bicycle (but doesn't do lycra), the environment and art.
Genevieve Robey

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