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Mar 012015

Jane MilburnThe Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee is hosting a free local workshop on a both fun and important topic, run by Brisbane upcycling identity Jane Milburn.

At no time in our history has clothing been so cheap and plentiful as it is today. This has led to a culture of waste and a sense that fashion is disposable. The greenest clothes are those that already exist. When we upcycle what we have instead of buying more we reduce our fashion footprint.

By applying simple sewing skills, creativity and time to existing clothes, we can refashion cast-off garments to suit ourselves. The possibilities are endless.

Benefits of a Textile Beat upcycling workshop:

  • Learn refashion and resewing skills
  • Feel empowered by having affordable choices
  • Discover your creativity and unique style
  • Be productive and improve wellbeing
  • Reduce clothing and textile waste

Textile BeatAbout Textile Beat
Textile Beat is a social enterprise inspiring thoughtful use and reuse of natural fibres, fabrics and found stuff. It was established in 2013 by Jane Milburn to tap into opportunities to repurpose existing natural fibre garments for pleasure, reward and sustainability. Textile Beat promotes ways to dress with conscience in clothes with good stories to tell. Jane spent 2014 immersed in slow fashion with the 365-day Sew it Again project to inspire creative upcycling of natural-fibre garments and revive home-sewing as a 21st century life skill.

Many locals will already know Jane. She’s been interviewed on ABC 612 both before and after she embarked on her 365-day Sew it Again project. You can also read Successful New Year’s resolution: Brisbane woman creatively upcycles preloved clothing for 365 days (ABC News). She also presented at the Carindale & Eastern Suburbs Community Forum last year, has a presence at the Green Heart fair and has run various local workshops in the region.

Jane has two pieces of wearable and upcycled art in the In Their Hands Art Show on Saturday 7th March (open for viewing from 1pm). The morning after the show, she will be giving a great interactive insight into her work, experiences and upcycling ideas.

What: Upcycling Show and Tell
Where: The B4C Sustainability Centre, corner Old Cleveland Rd & Wright St, Carindale
When: Sunday 8th March, 9.30am.
Cost: Free. Morning tea available.
What to expect: An overview of environmental, ethical and social implications of so-called ‘fast fashion’. A Show and Tell session unpacking some of the upcycled garments created during the 365-day Sew it Again campaign to demonstrate ways we can reduce our fashion footprint. Tips for dressing with conscience, without sewing. Bring along a few garments and we can chat about their upcycling potential.

More about Jane Milburn:
B Ag Sc, Grad Cert (Aust Rural Leadership), GAICD.
Jane on Twitter: @janemilburn | More …

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