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Sep 172015

Jason Tan bicycleCarindale’s Jason Tan has been living in the area for five and a half years. In the middle of this year he created 22 Laps.

While he prefers staying behind the scenes, he’s created a great online facility for bike buyers and sellers to do business. As well as being about buying and selling all things cycling, 22 Laps also aims to bring together the cycling community, set challenges and take pride in cycling achievements.

I asked Jason a bit about himself, cycling and the 22 Laps bicycle marketplace.


Tell me a bit about your interests and hobbies.

Cycling, running, reading, and spending time with family.

What do you do for a living?

IT Consulting service in data analytics and business intelligence focusing on financial institutions.

What do you think of the Carindale region in terms of cycling infrastructure, safety etc?

It is pretty good and safe. Recreational cyclists and kids should explore the Bulimba Creek Bikeway for a scenic ride around the lake at Minnippi Parklands.

22 Laps | Jason Tan’s bicycle marketplace

What are the attitudes towards cyclists like in Brisbane?

Since the introduction of the 1 metre law trial in Brisbane, the motorists appear to be more aware of the cyclists and willing to provide the space when taking over. However, there is room for improvement.

Until cycling is recognised as an alternative mode of transport but not just a hobby in Brisbane, cycling and cyclists will not be taken seriously by the public and motorists.

What do you think of council’s Carindale / CBD bicycle plan?

The council appears to be working hard to build up the infrastructure for the cyclists connecting various part of Brisbane. This is evident from the cycling infrastructure connecting various suburbs to the CBD that were completed over the last 2 years.

As for Carindale, the Bulimba Creek Bikeway is perfect for family and kids but not enough for the people who want to commute daily to the city. Brisbane City Council has a once in a life time opportunity to make cycling recognised as a key mode of transport for its communities in Brisbane.

Not only this will ease the traffic issues, it is also a greener solution and will help with the state budget. History proves that more roads being built would not ease the congestion as more cars will be on the roads unless there is a shift in the mindset of the society. I would be keen to see what the council can learn from other cities following the Asia Pacific Cycle Congress 2015.

What do you like about living in this area?

One of the great things about Carindale is the ease of access to major locations. It is pretty much 20 minutes to the CBD, airport, and southside.

The other thing about Carindale, that is relatively unknown to many people, is that it has large numbers of parks with great facilities. These parks provide the family a great place to gather, exercise and some green space that other suburbs lack.

How and when did your business start? What sort of need/niche did you recognise in the market?

The business started from mid of 2015 and it is a self-funded project. We recognise that there is a room for competition in the market as it is currently monopolised by a single player.

What are the main features and benefits of 22 Laps?

Shop reviews and ratings by the members, integration with Facebook to allow more exposure to the potential customers for the sales listings and it’s free for public and shop retailers.

What are some of the challenges you have found, or lessons learned, with building your business?

Finding good talent and able to keep them. Doing and continuous improvement is more important than making it perfect.

What are your plans for your business over the next couple of years?

Making it the number two destination for all the cyclists in Australia to find for their ideal bicycles whilst helping the bicycle retailers to improve their sales. Transforming the website to have more focus on the communities and driven by the needs of the cycling communities.

When it comes to bicycles what are you personal favourites?

If the financial situation allows, would love to get a Parlee ESX with custom paint.


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gen is the Founder of Carindale Connect (started in 2007). She has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Queensland University of Technology and an internship from ABC Online. She's involved in a number of web projects, was the Website Manager for Chamber of Commerce and Industry QLD and the Editor of Wotnews (Australian news aggregator and search engine start-up). She also spent some time as a volunteer Community Correspondent for 612 ABC Brisbane. Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Gen now lives in Carindale. She loves her bicycle (but doesn't do lycra), the environment and art.
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