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Mar 142016
Carindale mobile mechanic

Dean Watt, Mobile Mechanic, Carindale

Premium Mechanical Services provides mobile mechanical services and repairs in the Carindale and surrounding areas for all makes of vehicles. We provide a professional, expert service at your home or place of business, our fees are very competitive, and we always arrive on time.

If you’re looking for a good mechanic in Brisbane, phone us on 0422 156 277 to set up a time suitable for your next car service or repairs.

Why choose Premium Mechanical Services?
We have many returning customers who love the convenience and affordability of our local mobile car service.

  • Experience: We have more than 15 years’ experience in the auto mechanical industry and can service or repair all makes of vehicles. Through our extensive experience, we’re able to diagnose problems that leave other mechanics shaking their heads, which is a huge bonus to our customers.
  • Latest diagnostics: We use all of the latest diagnostic equipment that you would expect in a top notch auto shop. This means that we can easily diagnose any faults in your vehicle, even in the latest European models.
  • High quality parts: We only use high quality parts on your vehicle, and stamp your log book, so you don’t have to worry about voiding your new car warranty or running into issues down the track.
  • Free pre-purchase inspections: For all existing customers, we offer an exclusive service whereby we’ll inspect any vehicle that you are considering buying and not charge you a cent.
  • No call out fees: The price we quote for your service or repairs is the price you pay. There are no hidden fees. FYI: we do charge a fee for Sunday and Public Holiday calls, or if you want a diagnostic service only. Other than that, if you call us to service or repair your car on a regular day, we don’t charge you any call out fee.
  • Affordable rates: Our fees are very competitive and are often lower than the competition due to lower operational overheads. As a special incentive to local customers, we offer our lowest prices to vehicles serviced in Carindale.
  • Standardised pricing: We quote the same labour price for all cars, regardless of make or model.

Premium Mechanical Services is an owner operated business. Dean Watt is excited to bring his professional, convenient service and an eye for detail to a local clientele. He has lived in the local area for 10 years and you will often see him out for a jog on a Saturday morning at the local Minnippi parkun.

Phone Premium Mechanical Services on 0422 156 277 or request a free quote at

Dean Watt
Premium Mechanical Services

Dean Watt - mobile car mechanic, Carindale


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