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May 052016

Carina State School Centenary Celebrations

Carina State SchoolArrangements are now being finalised for the 2017 Centenary Celebrations for the Carina State School.

Activities planned include:

  • 30 Jan 2017: Roll Call for past students and teachers
  • 25 Mar 2017: Carina Centenary Carnival
  • Mid-June weekend: Friday Night – Band Reunion Banquet,  Saturday – School Open Day,  Saturday night – Gala Centenary Dinner.

A dedication of the restored bell tower and bell is also planned along with a lifting of the 75 year time capsule and the internment of a 100 year time capsule.

All past and present students, parents and staff are invited to come to the next committee meeting on Tuesday 17th May at 7pm at Carina State School. If you have any school memorabilia, you are welcome to attend the memorabilia session being held on Friday 20th May at 1pm at the school.

For further details re the School Centenary Celebrations:

Carina State School Centenary Celebrations Facebook page
Phone School (07) 3900 9666 /

Past band members please register for inclusion in the CSS Band Reunion activities. Email your name as well as maiden name, mobile and years in band to cc

For further information please call Kathy – President School P&C Association. 0415 355 731.

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  3 Responses to “Carina State School Centenary”

  1. My Brother, sister and I attend Carina State School. Our surname is Stevenson – Colin, Judith and Janette – 1963 to 1972. We lived on Stanley Road and we walked or cycled to school every day. In those days you walked with your friends and family to school. Chadwick Hall was surrounded by bushland and the magpies where a dangerous on the oval. Love to come to the celebrations in 2017. Jan Stevenson

  2. I started at Carina school in 1938.also my Sister and four Brothers attended Carina School . we lived next door to the head teacher Mr Briggs. two doors from the school. I have some photos of Creek Road .My Dad and several other Dads dug the slit trenches in the school ground when the war started. The School had only one big room with two bifold sliding doors ,making it into three rooms. Be hind our house and next door to school oval was the huge American army camp . I have a lot more information if required. Ivan Eickenloff.

    • Hello Ivan,
      You or one of your brothers might remember my Dad, Colin McNeill, who passed away 21 years ago. He went to Carina primary school and always spoke very warmly of Mr Briggs and a mate who was an Eickenloff. He attended the school in the late 1920’s to early 1930’s. He and his older brother, Bill, later worked for the Nickle’s who had a dairy farm in Meadowlands Rd and delivered milk to many families in the Carina area in the mid-1930’s. Due to the lack of refrigeration, the milk went out on the back of a cart in a cream can straight from the dairy. Anyone who wanted milk, came out with a billy can and it was ladeled out. He later married Wendy Harrison who had attended the school a decade later. Wendy (who passed away 22 years ago) rode a horse to school and released it to graze in a nearby paddock or in the school ground itself. Both Wendy and Col recalled the bullock teams that passed along Creek Rd which was a dirt road in those days. Dad said Mr Briggs was a very kind and caring man who regularly fed a number of the school children when their families were going through hard times during the depression years. Our generation, in turn, also attended the school in the 1960’s and my brother, Jim, and sister, Colwen, loved being in the recorder band started by Mr Taske. Our whole family had/have good memories of Carina primary school and the good folk who were our teachers and classmates. Andrew McNeill

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