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May 032016

Schools in Brisbane’s southern suburbs which help to fight childhood obesity by promoting fitness, sport and good nutrition are being given an opportunity to apply for a $5,000 cash grant for a school or community project.

Financial service provider, CUA, will provide $50,000 in community grants to schools this year as part of the CUA Community Care program.

CUA Carindale will be one of 10 branches across Australia, participating this year. CUA Carindale local area manager Melissa Cardillo encouraged schools to go in the running for the prize.

“This is the 6th year that CUA has teamed up with the adidas School Fun-Run,” Mrs Cardillo said.

“Since the program started, we’ve already shared $345,000 in Community Care grants with more than 100 schools across the country, as a reward for schools that choose healthy fundraising and promote the importance of childhood health.

“We’re encouraging schools to get involved and nominate a project within their school or the local community that they would like CUA Community Care to fund.

“Then it is over to you, the local community, to choose the winner by voting online or in the branch for your favourite project.”

Schools located near the Carindale branch which hold a School Fun Run during 2016 will be eligible to apply for the $5,000 grant. Winning projects in previous years have included new sports equipment, a nature-based play area, teachers’ professional development courses and digital literacy resources.

Schools in the Carindale area have won the $5,000 grant twice in previous years. Most recently, Mayfield State School received the grant from CUA Carindale in 2013 to invest in new playground equipment.

“CUA is member-owned and we work together with our members for mutual good. This initiative provides us with the opportunity to do just that, doing our part to make a positive difference in the community,” Mrs Cardillo said.

“We’re looking forward to seeing what innovative and deserving projects our local schools come up with and the life-rich moments these projects can create for kids, their families, and the local community.”

General Manager of The Fundraising Group, Brendan Hopp, said CUA Community Care was a great way to support and reward schools that promote a positive health message to young Australians.

“With so much negativity around child health trends these days, it’s great to see someone actually rewarding and encouraging good habits from a young age,” Mr Hopp said.

Grant applications close on 17 June 2016. For more details contact the adidas School Fun Run on 1300 733 788 or visit the School fun run website.

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