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Jun 202017

Hippies and hipsters unite at Carindale’s Rockaway Records.

For 25 years, indie store and Brisbane’s best kept secret, Rockaway Records, has captivated customers with an eclectic range of music and collectables.

Rockaway Records

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Rockaway Records Brisbane was initially modelled on the world-renowned Rockaway Records USA (owned and operated in Los Angeles for some 38 years by two of owner Scott’s brothers).

Since 1992 the Brisbane store has travelled a journey with many challenges in a constantly changing retail and technology based world.

Rockaway Records has not forgotten its roots as an old style record store though, and still remains Brisbane’s premier vinyl LP and collectors must go-to destination.

Its evolution has seen the merging of the past with the present and Rockaway connects strongly with today’s “pop culture” generation of superheroes, sci-fi, cult and fantasy with its merchandise and collectables.

The blend of retro and contemporary is seamless and while a feeling of nostalgia pervades Rockaway, there is something for all ages. They have a truly unique and engaging shopping experience at their concept store at Westfield Carindale.

To mark 25 years, Rockaway Records has embarked on a month of celebrations themed around live music, in store signings, fun, free stuff and even fashion (think rockabilly, tatts and hats)! And of course, to say thanks to their loyal customers – plenty of discounts.

Two events that capture the spirit of the celebrations and Rockaway are:

  • A complimentary glass of champagne while the staff spin a record of your choice from the store’s extensive collection (who said vinyl was consigned to ancient history?)
  • Dust off your favourite vintage LP and bring it in to Rockaway Records for owner Scott to provide a free valuation. Will it be “trash” or “treasure”?

25 years and 25 offers starting from 22 June. All listed at and daily on Facebook. There’s something for everybody. Why not rock on in!

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