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May 312020

It’s always good to think about supporting small, ethical and environmentally friendly products and organisations. This has become even more apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee (B4C) in Carindale now has an online store. They are selling handmade goodies made by the Boomerang Bags Carindale group and plant packs with plants from their native nursery.

You can now get locally-made gorgeous bags, cutlery wraps and more online as gifts or for yourself!

Bags made from upcycled jeans and other items - Buy now, Carindale.
Fun bags made from upcycled jeans and other pre-loved fabric. Set of 2.
Stylish lime and white bags. Set of 4 - buy now, Carindale
Stylish lime and white bags. Set of 4. No two are the same.
Kids bags - for beach/pool, laundry, toys etc.
Colourful sea-themed draw-string bags for kids – for the beach/pool, laundry or toys. Set of two.
Cutlery wrap made from upcycled fabric.
Cutlery wrap. Great for workplace, picnics and as placemats. Part of set of other items.
Bag with the NASCAR 88 and the signature of American racing car driver Dale Jarrett.
NASCAR 88 racing car bags. Set of two.

And just like the diverse material they are donated, there is a very varied range of upcycled items available. Such as even bags for car racing fanatics.

There are also cutlery wraps to help people refuse single-use cutlery and to use in the workplace and on picnics.

These items are handmade by skilled volunteers. The Carindale Boomerang Bags group regularly donates to the Bulimba Creek Environment Fund (which helps to improve the creek and surrounds running through Mansfield, Mt Gravatt, Carindale etc!). As well as making donations, it also allows them to purchase fabric from op-shops, buy cottons, maintain their sewing machines and have morning tea to keep them sustained! They use pre-loved and surplus fabric. Not only does that stop the fabric going into landfill, it reduces demand for the production of new material which is very environmentally intensive (water use, chemicals etc).

Remember what you buy makes a difference and you vote with your wallet! And these accessories are great conversation starters!

The Boomerang Bags Carindale team ensure the fabric is clean before they convert it into new items. They also accept donations of fabric.

Browse the store now. Delivery is Australia-wide but you can also choose to collect (during the ordering process) from the B4C office in Carindale (corner of Wright St & Old Cleveland Rd).

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