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Dec 012020

Work to restore the missing link in a critical environmental corridor in Tingalpa’s Minnippi Parklands has continued, with community volunteers planting 180 native seedlings on-site.

Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee (B4C) Landcare Manager Stefan Hattingh said the partnership between B4C and Powerlink boosted the biodiversity corridor connecting Minnippi Parklands to other nearby green spaces.

Mr Hattingh said the plantings would create a green corridor to help connect 12 new nesting boxes at the parklands which were now home to both squirrel gliders and microbats.

Powerlink’s Kiara with B4C volunteer Joy

“These nesting boxes provide much-needed shelter and protection for local wildlife and the on-site regeneration work will help local wildlife to thrive,” Mr Hattingh said.

“We are pleased to work yet again with Powerlink to help protect the environmental values of another important site in our catchment, which is home to a range of squirrel and sugar gliders, microbats and bird species,” Mr Hattingh said.  

“These nesting boxes and plantings are the last piece of the puzzle for local wildlife to traverse the corridor between Belmont Hills and the eastern side of Minnippi Parklands next to the Gateway Motorway. 

“This vital work will preserve the parklands’ genetic diversity, encouraging more species to move through the area and boosting the local ecosystem.”

Powerlink Chief Executive Paul Simshauser said the project builds on Powerlink’s previous activities at Minnippi Parklands to protect and enhance wildlife habitat. 

B4C undertaking nest box monitoring with Powerlink

“Powerlink originally installed nesting boxes to support fauna movement along the corridor in conjunction with the construction of our Belmont to Murarrie transmission line,” Mr Simshauser said.

“Around 15 years later, some of these nesting boxes became degraded so we are proud to work alongside B4C to see new nesting boxes installed for local wildlife, and plantings taking place on-site.

“We’ve been supporting B4C’s efforts to restore the Bulimba Creek catchment since 2002.  

“The new native glider food species planted will go a long way in attracting local wildlife to the area, plus provide a safe and low maintenance solution for Powerlink’s transmission line easement in the area.”

Cr Lisa Atwood (Doboy Ward) joined the planting activities at Minnippi.
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