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Carindale Connect is a hyperlocal community site started in 2007 by local residents.

We aim to provide news and information about things that are happening around our streets. We want a great deal of local citizen input. If there’s an issue you want covered, a way you want to get involved in the site, or a feature you think the site should have, just let us know. You’re also able to advertise with us.


  • sustainability and efficiency through community and information
  • preservation of wildlife and the environment
  • local products and services
  • getting to know our neighbours
  • showing non-residents that we’re far more than just a big shopping centre
  • news and information not normally found through mainstream media
  • health, happiness and safety in the region
  • finding solutions to local problems
  • unity, inclusiveness and diversity
  • participation in and understanding of local government activities
  • positive impact on local economy and employment

Policy for commenting on articles

The site is a place for constructive conversation, big issues or small, fun stuff or serious stuff. All view points are welcome. But we will NOT publish comments that:

  • are rude
  • are so badly written that they are too difficult to decipher
  • could cause lawyers to start sending us threatening letters on their scary lawyer letterhead
  • are irrelevant to the post they are commenting on

We recommend that before you post your comment that you first take a deep breath, read over it again and check that:

  • the spelling and grammar make it easy to understand for other readers (don’t leave people guessing where full-stops and commas should go)
  • you’re not making any personal attacks (play the ball not the person)
  • the comments are something you’d be happy to say in person to your next door neighbour
  • you have avoided unnecessary exclamation marks and capitalisation (no need to shout)
  • your tone would not put off others from contributing

Be friendly and constructive. Remember, in many cases you’re talking to your neighbours. If you feel compelled to not follow the above, you can always set up your own ranty blog, but we’d really like to be inclusive of you.

Thank you. We really look forward to your contribution.

If you want to suggest something to be written about, but you don’t want to publish it yourself, that is fine, just email us on and we would love to see what we can do about the issue you’d like to get on to the site.

WHO is Carindale Connect?

Genevieve Robey built Carindale Connect in 2007 and is its editor. She owns a small web projects business. Genevieve has a BA in Journalism from QUT and an internship from ABC Online. She as also a Community Correspondent for the Carindale and surrounds region for 612 ABC Brisbane (radio).

Roxanne Jeynes
Roxanne is a third year QUT Journalism and Law student writing for Carindale Connect. She likes writing about music, arts, local government and politics.

Tahnee-Jae Lopez-Vito
Tahnee is a Journalism and Law student at Queensland University of Technology.

Bryce Heaton
Bryce is a lifelong Carindale resident and a QUT Journalism & Law student writing for Carindale Connect. Bryce loves sport! He played Australian football for the Carindale Cougars in primary school and for five years also worked as an umpire there. He has played for the Coorparoo Juniors and is now playing for the senior club, the Coorparoo Kings.

Jewel West looks after a wide range of Carindale Connect administration tasks. Jewel is involved in a variety of volunteering projects and has worked across real estate, finance and retail. She also works part-time at Carina’s Belmont Services Bowls Club.

Building our team

Journalism, advertising & IT students
If you’re a Brisbane journalism student and would like to gain some work experience with us, we welcome you to email your resume to us – Being a local publication, it’s particularly suited to students who live locally.
Freelance journalists
If you’re an experienced journalist we welcome you to contact us on and pitch your stories to us along with your rates.
General local residents
If there’s a way you would like to get involved with our website, we welcome you to contact us.

  10 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi all,

    Any further update on the shopping center at Greendale please?


  2. Could you please advise when the shopping centre on scrubb and greendale way will commence .
    I have read it has been in the pipeline for a while .

  3. My husband, two young children (under 8yrs) and I are relocating to Brisbane at the end of the year. Can anyone give any advice on preschools, primary schools, shopping etc?I know that websites can only say so much where I would prefer to hear from the locals.
    Does Carindale get nice breezes during the warmer months?

  4. Hi Guys, I am doing an assignment on Carindale. If you know anything about the History of Carindale ( Like 100 years ago ) please email me

    • A great deal of material relevant to your inquiry will be on my website as listed above.
      You can make further inquiries via my email address.
      I was the local historian who gave an address about the district’s early commercial character at this month’s meeting, mentioned on the Carindale Connect website.
      John G.

  5. Hi,

    I have lived in the area for about 10 years. That sign has been popping up for about 5 years. I don’t think it’s financially viable to have a shopping village there because Westfield Carindale and the Metropol are so close. So my guess is that it won’t be built till all until there is a big enough population base to support it. However, I don’t think they are allowed to build houses there or anything else there because it’s zoned as a community center in the Brisbane city plan. I think it was probably zoned that way in order to develop the area. It will happen eventually, maybe in the next ten years when they run out of land to sell in the area.

  6. Hi we are new to Carindale, just moved in. Can anyone tell me when the new shops on Scrub and Greendale way are going to start or be completed. Thanks

    • Welcome to Carindale David! I hope you’re settling in well. The shops development on Scrub Rd and Greendale Way is something we’ve been increasingly asked about. I’m currently trying to get an update on the situation, not that I’m having a great deal of luck getting hold of anything very specific. I should have some sort of update very shortly.

      • Gen I believe the shops are being developed by McPhee developers, the group that have owned most part of the area up through caraindale, fro Scrub Road and Greendale Way. I am sure if you ask the Chap selling the land on Carindale Hills new development he will have the answer, he has been on this land for many years working for the developer.

        • Hi Yvonne. Yes, but the developer’s contact said he “couldn’t really comment” on a start date. However, I will be put together a brief post on what we do know and that may be able to help push for some clarification.

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