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Services and advertising


We provide our promotional services with a genuine local angle. If you’re a local plumber, hairdresser, personal trainer, real estate agent, builder etc much advertising can be wasted when you’re not targeting your geographical area. So many other marketing avenues out there aren’t ‘local’ enough.

Advertising and promotion


  • through a promotional (sponsored) post on our website (we may include shout-out on Facebook and Twitter if relevant for our audience as well as be linked to from our enewsletter if it fits in with distribution timing). Starts at $75. Include up to 800 words and several images and links. Stays on the website indefinitely and starts out on our homepage for at least the first fortnight. Email through the content to us at now with ‘promotional post’ in the subject line and we’ll get started on it!
  • Free event listing – We list local events for FREE on our events page – it is our most visited page on the site!

By purchasing advertising and promotion through Carindale Connect, you’re also helping to keep this local news and information service running.

  • We don’t sell advertising on our Facebook page – We often get asked to share items on our Facebook page. What we share is based on what we decide provides a good balance/variety for our audience as well as thanking our advertisers from time to time.  If we shared everything on Facebook that people asked us to it would start looking spammy for our Facebook followers. We often share items that we think are important or interesting from a news/information/community aspect. However, anyone is welcome to post to our Facebook page themselves! (and we may ‘share’ or follow up on your post). While we may acknowledge some of or advertisers on Facebook, we don’t ‘sell’ advertising on Facebook as it goes against Facebook’s term and conditions.

Email us on to advertise your business (with your advertising content as above) or with any questions.


Local issues – getting coverage

We provide a platform for you to get your ‘letter to the editor’ or article published. Have your say now.

Got a news tip or feature story idea? Email us at to share it with us and we may be able to write about it! We’re interested in everything from sports and arts to politics and transport. No topic too big or small – it just needs to be local!

  3 Responses to “Services and advertising”

  1. When’s the next billycart race

  2. Hi, just wondering whether Wynnum West is too far out for your newsletter for me to advertise my tutoring business? Thx

    • No it’s not too far out at all Vicky. Anyone is welcome to advertise in our enewsletter – just depends on what your regional focus is for your tutoring business. The content on our site, enewsletter etc tends to be focused on the suburbs close to Carindale as are most of our readers.

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