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Mar 182011

A new store has recently opened at Westfield Carindale – Vurge Jewellery. The store provides a range of jewellery using titanium, tungsten, stainless steel and ceramic. Operating since the start of 2006, they started purely as an online business. They say they have just as many clients in the United States and Europe as they do here in Australia. We asked Tessa from Vurge a few questions.

What lead you to the decision to open a store at Westfield Carindale?

We, as a company, really want to have a selective presence and our main goal was to have a store on the North and South of Brisbane for promotional and convenience reasons. Our biggest range is our wedding ring range for gentleman and with future goals of attending Wedding Expos we felt it important to be able to offer our customers the option to visit us on both the North and South.

Do you find the products that sell well in Brisbane are different to the sorts of products purchased overseas?

Modern metals are already a trend in other countries such as the States and Europe, due to Nickel control and allergy problems. We actually find that Australia as a whole is only slowly becoming more aware of the importance of modern metals and the benefits that it does really offer the customer.

Which sort of people do your products appeal to?

Our biggest customer would be a gentleman getting married, and even more so, a gentleman that works in the ‘trades’ industry as modern metals stand the test of everyday wear and tear, not bending and scratching like gold and silver. However, in saying this, many ladies have a huge allergy to nickel which can be found both in gold and silver, having the option to wear titanium earrings, which do not react with the skin, is making them another popular customer for us on a more day-to day-basis.

Describe the Carindale staff.

Our Carindale store has only just fully been staffed. It has four team members in total. They are young, super energetic and to be honest, are proving to be an amazing team that we are very proud of. They have put their faith and careers in a young company with big dreams and we hope to bring them along on a rather exciting ride.

Visit: Vurge Jewellery

Photos: Vurge staff celebrating their Carindale Westfield Grand Opening, Saturday March 12 2011.

Editor’s note: If you’re about to start business or know of someone who has just opened shop in Carindale, Carina or surrounding suburbs, let us know.

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