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Aug 302011

Wayne Cameron of B4C (Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee) today sent this letter to local representatives Steve Kilburn MP and Cr Adrian Schrinner. The actions of these dumpers are extremely thoughtless, damaging and disappointing.

Illegal dumping at Carindale

Dear Adrian and Steve,

Attached are 2 photos taken of the dumping of concrete at Westbury Place at Carindale.

B4C made a previous representation about this particular dumping site, which we believe is a “dumping hotspot”.  The latest dumping incident on 30 August was large reinforced concrete blocks which was too heavy for our work team to remove.  Council has had to come to the aid of this site previously with removal of substantial dumping debris.  We believe what is happening in Westbury Place in particular has got out of hand.  We don’t believe Council should inflict even more work on LAS East officers who are currently overcommitted to their own workloads.  I ask if you could support us in any of the following recommendations:

1.  Corflute BCC signage advising the site is a dumping hotspot and is now under Council surveillance (a reminder that fines are applicable)

2.  The placing of bollards across the alcove on Spring Creek corridor opposite Ayelsbury Court, Carindale

3.  That the police be requested to assist in monitoring activities on this site, which also incur damage to private property, burn outs on vacant lots and continuing issues of small debris dumping in all the Silverbrook developments at Carindale hills.

4.  General signage throughout the Carindale Hills area showing “no dumping” Council signs in the most frequently abused areas.

On the weekend on 27-28 Aug, a large Silverbrook sign facing the roundabout on Greendale Way and Westbury St was torn out of its supports by an illegally trespassing vehicle on the “for sale” estate.  B4C restored this sign and reinforced its installation, but these acts of vandalism will exponentially unless some Council action is taken, we believe.  Graffiti has also been removed by our team on several occasions on the electrical boxes and road signs.

We realise your commitment to the Carindale area in the past and respectfully ask that you consider the current situation, the costs being incurred by the private sector in the area and the dangers of turning a blind eye by the authorities.

We hope you can help us.  If Adrian could look into the Council response and Steve could look at the police response, we would be grateful.

Regards, Wayne Cameron

Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee
PO Box 5, Carina Q 4152
Office:  287 Pine Mountain Rd, Mt Gravatt East Q 4122
Nursery:  Cnr Wright St & Old Cleveland Rd, Carindale Q 4152
Phone 3420 4800,  Fax: 3420 4811

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  One Response to “Dumping of concrete at Westbury Place, Carindale”

  1. I can’t understand why people see the need to dump things like concrete in places like this especially when they could offload that to someone who needs a foundation for their driveway etc.

    On the flipside Brisbane Council seems to make it hard to dump things like gas bottles and other sorts of materials and you don’t seem to hear about amnesties for-hard-to-dispose-of items.

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