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Jan 202012

Summer 2012 Newsletter for Camp Hill 3 – Carina Heights


The following is credited to the Coomera NHW group.

Neighbourhood Watch is a programme organised by the community in order to reduce residential crime. It is about working together as a community to improve our personal safety and household security. Most importantly, it is about encouraging interaction and a sense of responsibility between neighbours and communities.

Householders are encouraged to join together in small informal groups for the purpose of improving the safety of their families and other neighbourhood residents. It is not a police scheme. Police only lend their expertise to enable residents to organise themselves for the purpose of minimising crime in their community. Neighbourhood Watch will only work if the community supports the scheme.

Pretty well sums it up doesn’t it? And a contributing factor is how well the watch works in our area which reminds me of the statistics for this period. You can read about these on the next page.


Do you have an email address and would like to receive up-to-date crime bulletins, etc? Let us know your e-mail and we will forward any Crime Bulletins to you as soon as we receive them. It also means we can contact you with any other important security issues. Just send an e-mail to

Naturally, all e-mail addresses will be kept confidential.


On 16th December last year, the $2.58 million new police station opened. If you need to contact the station please note there is a new number – 3005 9000.


What can you do?

  • Properly secure doors and windows at all times especially during these warm months.
  • Do not leave valuables in vehicles (locked or not) even when in a garage.
  • Trim back trees and shrubs that might give easy or undetected access to your property.
  • Check the condition of the backup battery in your house alarm (about 3-4 years is usual).
  • Make sure your dog is hungry and would eat anything that enters your property with invitation.

(You can safely disregard the last point unless you are just looking for trouble!)


All residents of Camp Hill 3 NHW are invited to our next meeting. It is our annual barbecue and this is followed by the AGM. All positions of the watch become vacant and nominations are sought for the following positions.

  • Area Coordinator
  • Zone Coordinators (x6)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Newsletter Editor.

Please be involved – it doesn’t take much effort and it is a great way to contribute to your community and meet your neighbours.

The BBQ will start at 7:30 am at Whites Hill Sports Reserve off Boundary Road. You can expect to enjoy a hearty Aussie breakfast and meet your committee members and local dignitaries who support the Neighbourhood Watch movement.


With the strong possibility of storms to come, the following is a suggested check list. Before the weather deteriorates it is a good idea to prepare an emergency kit with:

  • a portable battery operated radio and torch with fresh or spare batteries and bulb
  • a list of Brisbane radio stations for emergency information
  • candles with waterproof matches or a gas lantern
  • reasonable stocks of fresh water and tinned or dried food
  • a first aid kit and basic first aid knowledge
  • good supplies of essential medication
  • strong shoes and rubber gloves
  • a waterproof bag for clothing and valuables – put valuables and certificates in the bag and put the bag in a safe place
  • a list of your emergency contact numbers
  • a car charger for your mobile phone.
 MEETING DATES FOR 2012The dates for this year’s meetings will be determined after the AGM and details will be posted in the newsletter. STATS FOR PERIOD TO 01/01/201204/09/11 -Buckley St – Burglary, with breaking.
17/09/11 – Conlan St – Vehicles – Stealing from/enter with intent.
10-12/11/11 – Potter Lane – Burglary, with breaking.Again the stats show the area to be relatively crime-free. I would hope that your vigilance contributes to these low figures but we are probably just fortunate. And you know that means that you shouldn’t become complacent.
ICE (In Case of Emergency)How many have added the ICE (In Case of Emergency) listing your important contact numbers in your mobile phone? If you have goodonyer. If not, simply prefix the letters ‘ICE’ with the number ‘1’ so that it appears at the top of your phone contacts list as below:

1 – ICE




More and more we hear the term ‘turnkey home’ – but what does it actually mean when you are buying a property?

A turnkey home is simply what it infers – you turn the key to the front door, walk in and the house is ready to be lived in. This means the house is brand new and all work has been completed inside the house as well as outside, including landscaping and fencing.

Turnkey homes have become more popular in Queensland over the last few years as builders and developers respond to the demand by borrowers who don’t want to go through all the fuss of a building process themselves, but would instead, rather walk in when everything is done. The responsibility of completing the new home is completely with the ‘turnkey’ builder who uses all their own licensed contractors to carry out work to the property.

The advantages of this are obvious for those with a busy lifestyle who want one point of contact to build their dream home. If a turnkey property interests you, ensure you carry out your research with relevant reputable companies by viewing references, looking at completed properties and checking they are members of the appropriate industry bodies.

Contact John McLean at Resi Cleveland on 3821 4655

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