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Jun 242012

coffeeWhere is the best coffee in and around the Carindale and Carina region?

Or, simply tell us about a cafe where you get fabulous service or that has great prices. Maybe there is a place that you like going to for some other reason?

Share your local coffee tip-off in the comments section below.

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  9 Responses to “Where is the best coffee in Carindale and Carina?”

  1. Backstreet Espresso in Kenrose Street Carina.

  2. Within the Westfield, CBD and Coffee Hit are good but it depends upon which Barista is doing the shots. Just outside the area, Has Bean is pretty good as is Blue Poppy who do great turkish breakfast sandwich thingys on Sunday mornings.

  3. It’s difficult to fault Zarraffa’s, but you have to go to Coorparoo for a fix. Get out a bit and try the Backstreet Espresso, Kenrose Street, Carina.

  4. My favourite coffee on the run is Mrs Fields cookies at Carindale, but Cafe XS is next on my list if I am going to sit down and enjoy some cake too or lunch.

  5. the best coffee for me is at the Clem Jones pool – after hydrotheraphy.
    Carindale shopping centre is totally unfriendly to the immobile using cabs or the bus.
    Particularly the cafes, tavern and library !!

  6. Probably the Roman Empire on Creek Rd.

  7. Agree with Allan Cafe XS provides consistently good coffee. And great cakes!

  8. A coffee shop where I always received excellent & friendly service, is Cafe XS in Carindale Shopping Centre. The coffee & food selection is very good as well.

  9. I have no doubt the best coffee is at Cafe Siena in the Carindale Shopping Centre. Their food quality is also excellent. I recommend this coffee shop to anyone.

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