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Mar 152013
Bill Glasson

Dr Bill Glasson

Dr Bill Glasson is the Federal LNP Candidate for the seat of Griffith.

The seat, currently held by Kevin Rudd MP, includes the suburbs of Balmoral, Bulimba, Hawthorne, Morningside, Norman Park, Seven Hills, Camp Hill, Carina Heights, Coorparoo, Greenslopes, Highgate Hill, Woolloongabba and sections of Cannon Hill, Carina, Holland Park, Holland Park West, Mount Gravatt East, Murarrie, Tarragindi, and West End.

I asked Bill about his political background, motivations and what he likes about where he lives.

Bill lives in Hawthorne. He is an opthamologist and was president of the Australian Medical Association in 2003 and 2004.

He has practised as a medical specialist in Brisbane since 1988, while also providing services to rural Queensland. He worked as a volunteer aid specialist overseas for several years, predominantly in East Timor.

“It has been a privilege to enhance people’s quality of life by restoring or improving their sight. But I have learned that medical problems can be just the tip of the iceberg,” Bill says.

“To help create a better life, this area needs a representative who will focus completely on the needs of the people and the community.

“With my wife, Claire, we have raised three children here and now they are adults I can now devote my energies, experience and life skills to being the voice of the Griffith electorate.

“It is a privilege to live in this area but there are many aspects that can and need to be improved. I will work hard to bring about change to create opportunity and deliver the benefits the people of Griffith deserve.

“We need to get government off the backs of business people, cut through red tape and slash the runaway cost of living. These are high on my list of priorities.

“Asking people for the responsibility to be their voice in national parliament is a serious commitment. It demands dedication, determination and a willingness to serve selflessly in the best interests of others. I want to accept this responsibility because I believe I can make a difference.

His father is late William Glasson, a Queensland Minister for Lands and Forestry.

“You may say politics is in my blood.”

Bill says he is engaging residents through “a grass roots approach”.

“Our team has close to 200 volunteers who are regularly out in the electorate helping me spread my message.”

He recently put a petition through council to update facilities at the Colmslie Reserve, receiving over 800 signatures.

“A constant message I get from local businesses is that they are hurting badly. It’s a dreadful shame that Labor is strangling them with higher taxes and red tape as they are key drivers of our community and overall economy,” Bill says.

He has been visiting schools and universities, community groups, Neighborhood Watch forums, sports associations, church groups and the like.

When asked about his spare time Bill says he enjoys fitness, often going for a run, cycling and attending Quany’s Gym at Woolllongabba.

“Spending time with family is important and for Valentines Day I took my wife to Foxy Bean Café at Wolloongabba which is a favourite of ours,” Bill says.

“I love the sandwiches at Maxine’s Lunch Bar in Morningside and the Moroccan-spiced barramundi at The Fishmonger’s Wife in Lytton Road is to die for.”

“And I know I’m a bad boy but I salivate over Glen Higgs’ special lunch rump steak at his Café Citrus in Bulimba.”

“I am an avid reader and particularly enjoy biographies and, although I don’t understand a lot of it, Stephen Hawking’s theories on time,” he says.

Bill has performed several government advisory roles including Chair of the Rural Telecommunications Review Committee (2007-9), Deputy Chair of Medical Services Advisory Committee (2007-8), and was involved in the Northern Territory Emergency Response Taskforce (2006-7) as Medical Advisor.

Bill is the immediate past Chair of Cancer Australia; non-Executive Director, Medical Allied Professionals (MAP) Board, Brisbane and national Board member for St John Ambulance Australia.

He serves in the Reserves as consultant ophthalmologist to the Australian Defence Force with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.

Bill encourages residents to get in touch with him through his Facebook page and his website.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gen is the Founder of Carindale Connect (started in 2007). She has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Queensland University of Technology and an internship from ABC Online. She's involved in a number of web projects, was the Website Manager for Chamber of Commerce and Industry QLD and the Editor of Wotnews (Australian news aggregator and search engine start-up). She also spent some time as a volunteer Community Correspondent for 612 ABC Brisbane. Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Gen now lives in Carindale. She loves her bicycle (but doesn't do lycra), the environment and art.
Genevieve Robey

  8 Responses to “Bill Glasson – LNP candidate for Griffith”

  1. My compliments, Dr Bill, on your even handed, polished dealing with the left leaning ABC this morning.
    It must cause disappointment within this corporation that the LNP succeeded on 7 September.
    Now let it be ensured your Griffith victory brings more joy to real Australia and pain and suffering
    to those in disagreement within that left leaning corporation. After all, those taxes referred to elsewhere
    are paid to ensure balanced reporting on the Country’s national broadcaster.

  2. Mr Glasson,
    Recently I received a letter from yourself and Tony Abbott for our support and vote.
    Friday I received a letter from ANZ bank about the no interest will be paid at the national rate on my pension
    deposits from Centerlink.Now if my memory is still good,I remember the Howard Government stating that all pension
    deposited directly into banks will be at the standard banking rate of the day,Secondly,
    I told Abbott before the election ,that the carbon tax was illegal.Magna carta Item # 12 states,No scutage {tax} that is not aid,shall imposed on our Country,unless by the consent of the people of this Country.MAGNA CARTA is the law of this Country,like it or not.THERE IS NO GET OUT CLAUSE IN MAGNA CARTA Labor does not have a say in this law,and therefore no demand for any other type of tax.They do not rule over us anymore.The people are the Parliament.Did they just loose an election?

  3. Please, Please, Please, Please, Bill, recontest Griffith at the next election. This country needs men of your integrity, varied experience, and expertise so VERY badly. Arrogance, self interest, pomposity, temper tantrums and patronising attitudes DO NOT cut the mustard. Dignity, honesty, straight talking, reliability, respect for and an understanding of the needs of the people of your community are the qualities you have in abundance. These will take our country forward, not backwards.
    Congratulations on a splendid effort in Griffith – I very much look forward to the next contest, which I have every belief you will win!

  4. I can no longer support the current member four a couple of reasons, and therefore will be seriously considering voting for Mr Glasson. Just registering my support which will also mean my husband’s.

  5. It’s good to see that a small business person such Dr. Bill Glasson has decided to join the NLP franchise in an attempt to unseat the current Member ALP Kevin Rudd in the duopoly the NLP & ALP both share in the political business in Australia, however I’d like to see more small and big business people stand up and be counted such as Clive Palmer and others are doing as is their right in a democracy. Its a pity the big parties talk about supporting small business except when it comes to politics and competition against themselves is seen as bad news at election time, just confirms the reality of their support of big business ahead of small except at election time as a vote grabber.

    The one thing I would really suggest is that ALL candidates and sitting members should be required to undergo regular total medical tests and assessed for both general health and mental health issues especially before popularity as a prerequisite for the PM position. We cannot afford any party to select on popularity alone and risk putting even slightly mentally ill persons in the various portfolios in this country. Maybe Dr. Glasson might understand the issues better.

  6. […] Tony Abbott was campaigning with LNP candidate Dr Bill Glasson along with Joe Hockey in Kevin Rudd’s electorate on that same day. Were they also at R&R that […]

  7. If only the LNP street side wavers would stop being a traffic hazard. Why must they wave at everyone and distract the drivers? I believe it is an offence to cause a disturbance on the side of the road and distract the traffic, why is nothing done about the constant waving at major intersections?

  8. At first I thought no-one could beat Rudd but Bill has been everywhere in the last few months. September 14 should be interesting in Griffith!

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