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Mar 202013

Business at Sunrise

The WOW factor was certainly the buzz word after the March Business at Sunrise. On behalf of our members I thank Mark Laraghy of Whites Hill State College, not just for his role in bringing us two top speakers but in planning and alone, implementing the unique and effective format and setting for this remarkable event. Mark also moderated the session like a true professional. TV beckoning Mark?

Kee Wong of e-CentricInnovations and Russell Shields of ANZ

Kee Wong of e-CentricInnovations & Russell Shields of ANZ

Russell Shields of ANZ and Kee Wong of e-CentricInnovations informed the audience of the broad spectrum of doing business in Asia and gave some tips for success there. Both the speakers have spent time in business in Asian countries.

We tend to label “Asia” as a single entity. We were reminded in this meeting that “Asia” is an umbrella term for many different countries. Even within China and India they have many regions with their own languages and customs. There are over 700 dialects spoken in China. Food is different in Beijing from that in Shanghai. We were reminded that Shanghai alone has the population of Australia. Even as small businesses Kee believes our market is the worl d, where the spirit of innovation rules. Australia can never be a cheap manufacturer, so it is necessary for us to focus on innovative achievements, starting with early education. Asia is our Future.

At the March Business at Sunrise Mark Laraghy handed out a brief survey: Asia Matters. Completed surveys are being handed to Trade Queensland. Please contact Mark at to request a survey for completion. The information will be forwarded to Trade Queensland to provide them with data on the type of knowledge our small business communities requires to develop relations within Asia.

Business at Noon

Our lunch at the Norman Hotel was as always a lively group of business people coming together to learn , understand and discuss their businesses, and a few other topics along the way. Once again Andrew Ford, the manager of the hotel joined us for lunch.

Opening Real Pathways Career Workshop

The first workshop of the year was held at Whites Hill State College. Jasmine Wright of Partnership Brokers is to be congratulated and thanked for the work she put in to make the day the success that it was. The topic was Health and Community Services; students from our member schools broke into groups to hear a speaker on their chosen profession. The feedback from both students and teachers has been great. Thank you to Jasmine and Craig Fossey of MBE Stones Corner, our school coordinators.

The next session will be held on 23rd May 2013 at Holland Park State High School. This workshop is headed “Hospitality and Tourism.” If you know of a professional in this field who would be prepared to spend a couple of hours enlightening students to the benefits of this profession would you please contact me.

As the program which is an initiative of SEBCC, grows I am also calling for volunteers to assist Jasmine, both on the day and in preparation. As you are aware SEBCC is committed to assisting our member schools and our business leaders of the future. This is a way that you as members of the Chamber can be involved.

This month Sue Holz our Vice-president resigned from the committee for work and family reasons. I would like to personally thank Sue on behalf of the Chamber for her hard work and contribution to making your chamber run efficiently. She will certainly be missed as a proactive committee member.

SEBCC is run by a committee of volunteers, Laurena Reissman has agreed to step in as Vice-president until the next AGM. Currently w e have two vacancies on the committee. If you would like to assist in the running of the chamber as it moves forward and grows please give me a call to discuss this opportunity.

The April Business at Sunrise will be held on the second Tuesday, April 9th to allow for the Easter long weekend.

Our guest speaker in April is Sonya Trau of AltusQ will invigorate us with the topic ‘Thank God It’s Monday,’ lessons on building a highly engaged workforce. How to get everyone loving Mondays.

We have openings for corporate members of SEBCC to present as a Business o f the Month and also sponsorship of the Table Agenda is available. Please contact me to book your spot:

Penny Cutting

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