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Mar 102013

The following is a post submitted by a local resident.

My boyfriend and I have just experienced a robbery in the Carina area. The offenders were away with a substantial amount of items. Unfortunately we only realised the robbery today. We logged a Police report today and the PoliceLink lady said that the forensic team may swing by today if they deem it to be important enough for them.

How on earth are we supposed to catch criminals, even petty ones with this sort of attitude/policy? I understand that the Police have a lot of jobs to attend to but in that case they need to recruit more people.

The items which were stolen are not claimable on our insurance policy… oh what a surprise – these criminals know what they’re doing don’t they! Criminal gets away with theft, honest people basically left to rot after reporting an honest claim to the Police – the criminals get out of this much better than the people who have actually been harmed. Where’s the justice in that?

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