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Apr 102013

Message from a local today:

We have just been broken into and robbed in the Carina Heights area. Some items that have been taken:

Green Santa Cruz Mountain Bike
Sony Playstation Vita + Games
Sony Playstation Portable
HP Folio 13 Ultrabook Laptop
Many items of jewellery (bangles, rings, necklaces)
Small amount of money (maybe $10 maximum)

There seemed to be 2 intruders, we found 2 sets of gardening gloves near where we believe they entered the house. This also means it might not be possible to get good prints.

Our house has been trashed and we have contacted the police.

We have spoken to some neighbours and apparently there have been a few robberies in this area lately.

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  One Response to “House break-in | Carina Heights”

  1. Sorry to hear that! For the last 2 nights we have heard someone creeping around our house. I live with my grandmother and two 5 year olds one of which has autism. I’m considering getting security installed.. We have only been in the area the past 2 years so I’m rather worried as we didn’t think it was a bad area

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