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May 312013

Yesterday afternoon a house was broken into and items stolen in Briarwood Street, Carindale. Someone in Naretha Street (adjoins Briarwood Street) has also reported that in the same afternoon two young men parked in their driveway, walked along the front patio, looked through the front window. When the owner came out of the house they asked for directions to Scrub Road and then left in a bright blue car.

A house in Turubul Crescent, Carindale was also broken into yesterday afternoon. There have been reports that a number of other houses in the area were broken into yesterday. There was also an attempted break-in in Naretha Street just under three weeks ago on a Saturday night, which we have only now just learned about, where they climbed on to the roof to access windows on the second level.

If you have futher information or incidents to report you should let Crimestoppers know. You can also share incidents and suspicious activity via the comments box below to help inform locals.

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