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Aug 072013

The following is a speech given by Geoff Ebbs, the Greens candidate for the Federal seat of Griffith, to the South East Brisbane Chamber of Commerce breakfast on Tuesday 6th of August at the Colmslie Hotel, Morningside. A short speech was given by each candidate before addressing the questions being provided.

Geoff Ebbs

Geoff Ebbs, the Green Federal Candidate for the Seat of Griffith speaking at the SEBCC breakfast.

Thanks Gary, Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

I’m a member of and gold sponsor of the South West Chamber of Commerce over at Yeronga, so thanks this morning for the opportunity to come here to your chamber, to welcome these politicians and tear strips off them.

Don’t worry, the Greens have been practicing kinder, gentler politics for 20 years, so I’ll be as kind as possible. In the early 90s I started a dot com company. We were advising business on internet strategy before Malcolm Turnbull invented it.

in 2005 I published this book – Hiring and Firing – the smart business guide to employment law. It was never republished after Mr Rudd came to reign over us the first time. And the reason why? Uncertainty. There was not enough clarity around the ALP’s industrial relations policy in 2007 for me to justify sinking another $10,000 into a rewrite.

Unpredictability in government is a business nightmare. The Greens offer you certainty. We believe what we say and we stick to it. Green economic policy is based on the maths: you cannot have infinite growth on a finite planet. Any economic policy  that does not take that into account is simply a magic pudding.

With the Greens, whether we’re in business or in politics, manage to a triple bottom line. We believe in building social and environmental capital  as well as financial wealth. That financial wealth is largely generated by small business, like yours and mine – We employ about half the workforce and we generate more than one third of Australia’s wealth. One of the major challenges for small business is the predatory practice of big business. Think supermarkets and fuel, banking and telecommunications.

The Greens last week announced a competition policy to give the ACCC real teeth and  to tackle the predator. We will increase the legal budget of the ACCC by 50% and grant it the authority to break up large companies that are abusing their power. The Greens will build a robust stable future and  protect small business.

Now Ladies and Gentlemen, the best predictor of future performance is past behaviour. And the past behaviour of these old parties in this last term of parliament has frankly been appalling.

Dr Glasson, your leader has set new lows in sloganeering, in name calling and driving down business confidence.
And Mr Rudd,  your efforts to regain the leadership of the ALP and your U-turns in policy direction redefine the term unpredictability. So I say on election day, don’t reward bad behaviour, vote for a robust, stable future. Vote 1 Geoff Ebbs in Griffith.

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  2 Responses to “Geoff Ebbs, Greens candidate for Griffith addresses chamber breakfast”

  1. Greens candidate Geoff Ebbs and his business supporters should be exposed for their hypocrisy. While the Greens were prepared to do a preference deal with the Climate Sceptics in SA they were not prepared to give their preferences to LNP candidate Bill Glasson over KRudd. The good burghers of Griffith have been let down by this unethical self promoters. Its a shame the Chamber of Commerce has been so easily misled by this self promoting failure. His ‘so called’ successful business ventures and the businesses that support him should all be exposed for their betrayal. Fortunately the rest of Australia have realised that the Greens are a group of self promoters and hypocrites. Ebbs can’t even come up with a business name without latching on to someone else’s success. He has 2 linkedin pages one under the name of Giovanni Ebono and another under the name of Geoff Ebbs same photo same job history what’s his real name? He’s a joke and a fraud and he and the greens should be exposed for misleading voters.

    • Paul M,the Greens may need to re-access their leadership but Geoff Ebbs is a man of integrity, honesty and true grit. Reading your comments leaves no doubt as to your character. Small businesses need protection. They need champions like Geoff Ebbs to do that as the major parties are only interested in serving big businesses for what ever reasons.Businesses such as mining companies will say or do whatever it takes to do their dirty business.

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